California, here I come–eventually.

CaliforniahereicomeWell, friends, the day I’ve been looking forward to for more than six months has finally arrived:  the wagon is packed and ready to roll on out to San Marino, California, where I am the Dana and David Dornsife Fellow at the Huntington Library for 2014-15.  But first, la famille Historiann is taking a little adventure holiday rafting trip in the Snake River Canyon in Idaho.   But unlike Evel Knievel, we’re traveling in the river, not over the canyon.

(Idaho may be one of the last remaining U.S. states I’ve never visited–along with Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Alaska.  This is because I’ve never lived in the South, unless Baltimore or Washington, D.C. count as “the South,” which I doubt.)

Because I’m going to be (blissfully) off the grid for the next week or so, and because internet SPAM is becoming increasingly aggressive, I will shut off all of the comments on the blog so that I don’t spend the first week of my time at the Huntington doing janitorial work on my stupid blog.  I’m sorry about the interruption of service–I should be back online on or around August 15, so look for me around the ranch about then:  Historiann, the Way Out West edition.

Until then, happy trails, and don’t fence me in!


3 thoughts on “California, here I come–eventually.

  1. Comments back on?!? Hope you charmed the Snake! Nice weather still prevails back here, East of the West. Wonder what they’re making for lunch down in the Tea House?


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