Monday morning comix: keeping Austen weird over at Manfeels Park


Oh, say it ain’t so, Captain Wentworth!

This cartoon is among the many brilliant creations at my new favorite fun blog, Manfeels Park.  (You Austenites will get that pun immediately, of course.)  All of the highlighted dialogue comes from actual online mansplanations.

Just go there and start clicking through the archives.  And then tell me that feminists have no sense of humor.  (My fave?  So Confused, wherein Mr. Bennett receives a PSA about “what about the menz” and unfriending on social media.)

I found this blog via a link at my other new favorite funny blog, Confused Cats Against Feminism.  (What’s that?  My book?  What about my book?  Oh, yes, the writing is going very well, thank you so much for asking.)

10 thoughts on “Monday morning comix: keeping Austen weird over at Manfeels Park

  1. And. . .yet another demonstration of why “throughout history, mankind has. . .” is not only a really bad opening for an argument, but nearly always renders the statement to which it is attached false. I seem to remember a few findings about the relative caloric contributions of male and female activities in hunter/gatherer societies that might be relevant here, but never mind. The author’s an idiot (and most likely one who unconsciously relies on considerable maternal and/or wifely logistical support).

    Given how well the grading in my online class is going, I’m kind of sorry you posted these.


  2. The quote under the Redcoat sounds more than a little reminiscent of a tiny part of the Donald Sterling rant tape, wherein he was listing all the things he “gave to” and/or “did for” the NBA players in his employ. “Who else does it?…” he sputtered, as he rhetorically shifted to his next sub-topic.


  3. That would be the scandalous George Wickham in his fancy red officers’ coat. Scad. Bounder!

    “Women have kept male infants alive since the beginning of human history. We didn’t have to. Women still keep most men alive by creating them *inside their very own bodies* and then feeding, clothing, and sheltering them for 18 or more years.” You would think they’d be more grateful.


  4. Ah, it’s Wickham–what a relief! I’ve always had a thing for Wentworth, so I’ll go with this. Ishould have known, b/c Wentworth was a naval officer, not an army officer.


  5. These are hilarious! Thanks, H. I used to love it when feministing (?) would have its Top Troll competition. Nothing made me laugh harder than all those trolling MRAs and their completely bonkers comments. Figuring out a way to laugh at them is vital to my internet sanity.


  6. Have you watched “Austenland” yet starring Keri Russell?

    Chris and I always argue over who is worse–Wickham or Willoughby. Btw-I named my car Wentworth.


  7. Woolworth looks like he’s just been told that his name was scoured from the half-pay list by some blackguard East India clerk who he shat on at the Lime and Rogers in Piccadilly the previous summer…


  8. Close, Indyanna. He’s just found out that Lizzie Bennet is onto him and knows he’s been telling lies about Darcy’s handling of his father’s estate.

    Um, in case anyone was wondering.


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