An invitation, or performance art?

Photographed today at 4:35 p.m. scrawled on the wall of the west side of the A-wing of the Andrew G. Clark building at Baa Ram U.:

Does anyone remember that punk band from the 1980s called the Circle Jerks?  I think I actually owned their album, “Group Sex,” much to my shock and chagrin.  I don’t think that’s what’s being advertised here, but I’m kind of curious about what exactly will happen on the Oval at 9 o’clock tonight.  I have to ask my History of Sexuality students about this. Too bad I won’t see them again until Tuesday morning!

What do you think?

14 thoughts on “An invitation, or performance art?

  1. You could always go to the Oval (whatever that is) at 9PM and find out. If it’s a public place, then I seriously doubt it’s an actual circle jerk.

    And yeah, I remember the Circle Jerks. I think I once saw them play a show in Philly back in the day, maybe opening for Black Flag or DKs.


  2. Well, maybe they are doing the dance the jerk. It was hot stuff c. 1965 or so among the elementary school kids. (That was the cool kids, who had 45s of the Rolling Stones. I still remember a cool kid explaining to naive 11 year old me what “Satisfaction” was about.)

    Definitely get a report from your students!


  3. Went to Spotify and listened to Circle Jerks. Yet another 70-80 bad rock band. Everyone plays together, the same notes, same everything.

    For me, any oval jerk action requires a permit from Medicare. The young however should try; why not?


  4. Maybe it’s some kind of a “cool jerk” take-off on the traditional pep rally trope in relation to the ‘Bama game? We have a new head coach off that very same staff too, and maybe we can get in line for a pricey photo-op down in Tuska Loosa, or maybe in Birmingham. I found this on the USA Today webpage about the new approach to things in the AD’s office at BRU:

    “The level of play coming out of our football program and (the school’s) orientation to athletics in general wasn’t acceptable,” said Jack Graham, a former Colorado State quarterback who left private business to become the school’s athletics director in 2011. “It wasn’t matching the standards and level of excellence throughout the rest of our university. We were lagging way behind, and that had to change.”

    Changing that “orientation… in general” will be the challenge. Even if ESPN brings “Game Day” to campus, some students will still want to hike in the mountains, work for Habitat for Humanity, or even do laundry and homework.


  5. I’m not shocked or embarrassed to have owned Circle Jerks recordings. The hardcore and anarcho-punk scene was far friendlier to women than anywhere else when I was in college (especially compared to science and engineering dudes). Might have been because the punks were actually thinking about equity and justice.


  6. The DKs were about equity and justice (“Nazi Punks F Off,” “Terminal Preppie,” “Holiday in Cambodia,” etc.). The guys (and they WERE all guys) who wrote “I Just Want Some Skank?” Not so much!

    (It’s more the particular band & album and not the genre that embarrasses me at this point.)


  7. OK, listening to Sex Bomb just now and the crazy saxophone reminded me of James Chance and Contortions/James White and the Blacks. We used to go and see them at the Peppermint Lounge all the time.

    I’m not sure, but I think this live version of Sax Maniac may have been recorded there, although it would have been a year or two before my time.


  8. Such scribble is reminiscent of a Squidbillies cartoon-mullets and trucker hats included-I saw on a campus bathroom stall a couple of years ago. If the scrawlers were into Keith Morris and Company, shouldn’t the “e” be backward? The DK’s albums ( at least the first three) always resonated as audible horror stories regarding society.


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