Monday round-up: endless semester edition

You’ve heard of The Endless Summer?  It sure seems to me like this is the Endless Semester.  Maybe it’s all of the snow and slush in April, but more than any other spring semester in recent memory, this one drags on and on.  While I’m desperately trying to lasso this semester and tie it up real good, here are some fun links and ideas to keep you diverted:

Well, that should keep you busy.  Leave your complaints or suggestions for the management in the comments below. In the meantime, please enjoy this glimpse of The Endless Summer (1966). Ahhh–now, doesn’t that get you in the mood for summer?

17 thoughts on “Monday round-up: endless semester edition

  1. No joke, it IS the endless semester, Historiann. Here, anyway, where we’re going a week deeper into the spring because we started a week later, almost in February. So that our colleagues who chose to teach in the extended on-line “Winter” “Semester (sic)” could “get a little time off, too,” before the *actual* winter semester began. So that everyone could pay it back with a week in May for the committee-enforced week off in late January. Never did “in solidarity” seem more like a frozen slushball than during that dank gray week “off.”


  2. Thanks Historiann for the linkage. I’m grateful for the mention.

    In Australia, it really does seem to be an endless summer. People are complaining that its going to be 28 degrees celsius this week – let winter kick in!


  3. Here’s where I feel incredibly privileged and guilty for not only wrapping up my marking last week but having submitted my annual report and shepherded my thesis student through his M.A. defense already. Term’s over here: let the writing ramp back up to speed!


  4. Salon has an interesting article by Dillon Tatum on the sexualized discourse of defensive Austerians. Ze writes, “Statements like [Ferguson’s], however, are indicative of a broader trend. Austerity, as a policy issue, is increasingly characterized by a sexual politics that aims to depoliticize and legitimate arguments for anti-interventionist economic policies. Not only does this carry with it enormous consequences for the practice of scholarly inquiry, it also makes for a poor science of political economy.”


  5. Absolutely no complaints here about it being 28 degrees this week in Australia. We’ve had some rain for the farmers and to replenish the drinking water, we can put off winter a little longer if you ask me.


  6. Summer is coming (a threat) and racism, sexism and stupitism are is the air. Right and left suck; the center is dead. After that a long semester is a relief.


  7. Summer is coming (a threat) and racism, sexism and stupitism are is the air. Right and left suck; the center is dead. After that a long semester is a relief.


  8. As someone who UG the original Endless Summer poster on the ceiling above my (top bunk) bed at age 15, thank you. The orange went really well with the lavender ceiling, as you can imagine. (it was the 60s, and i had Peter Max sheets, too.) I had forgotten the beautiful male bodies!

    I am so tired of meetings.


  9. Thanks for the shout out, Historiann. And you know the first link to the piece on The Young Ones makes me want to watch that whole series all over again. I watched it for the first time as a young teenager when it was rerunning on MTV. To think of all of the political jokes and subtle jabs that probably went right over my head!


  10. Nursing Clio: Each time I watch TYO I find another bunch of gags that I hadn’t noticed before. I think when I watched it first as a 12 year old, there must have been so much I didn’t understand.


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