Thursday round-up: Wasatch Front edition, giddyap!

cowgirlwagonWell, we’re getting ready to start the fun tomorrow morning at the Fifteenth Annual Omohundro Institute Conference at the University of Utah.  We had a wild ride across Wyoming yesterday–stormy but beautiful, and it’s pretty rainy here, too–seems more like Seattle than Salt Lake, but fortunately, I’m ready for anything.  Here are a few little tidbits and bon mots to keep you amused while I’m otherwise engaged tomorrow:

0 thoughts on “Thursday round-up: Wasatch Front edition, giddyap!

  1. I just don’t friend people I don’t know. I do sometimes wish I could blog my romantic tribulations like Crazy does … but that’s the problem with pseudonymity. Doesn’t protect the guilty.

    Left a comment on the NYT at TR’s.

    And it is thunderstorming here at BaaRamU.


  2. Updated weather report: clear and dry on the Wasatch Range as of Friday morning! Lookin’ around for a diplomatic history session… The conference is in an 1860s U.S. army fort, though, now absorbed into a campus non-martius. So there’s lots of military stuff to contemplate, especially the material culture of army domestic life.


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