Bootin' up and scootin' West

cowgirlrarintogoLa famille Historiann is on its way into the western desert this morning–for a little fun, a lot of sun, and oh yeah–an “eastern” history conference in the intermountain West–remarkable!  When I moved out to the Colorado territory, I figured that I dropped off the edge of the known world according to early Americanists.  (A girl can dream, can’t she?)  Well, we like to support our friends at the University of Utah, Brigham Young, and Weber State–and I hope to see some of you there, too.  Be sure to introduce yourselves if we haven’t met.

I’ll be checking in from the road when I can–now all y’all behave yourselves, and don’t do anything Historiann wouldn’t do!  That should leave you a sufficiently long to-do list, friends.

0 thoughts on “Bootin' up and scootin' West

  1. Bon voyage, Historiann! Have a great trip. Since my dying appears to be on hold, perhaps I will work on a Lessons for Girls while you are away. Hey, how about, Don’t Listen to Know-It-All Doctors Who Declare You Prematurely Dead? Sounds good to me! Safe travels to you and yours.


  2. Sisyphus–just my second this summer, but my third this year. I’m going a little crazy with conferences this year–I’ve agreed to do 5 of them! (But, this is my last conference out of town–the two in the fall are in Boulder, coincidentally, which is good since we have ZERO travel funds for 2009-2010!)

    See you soon, Indyanna, and all love to you, Roxie. Doctors are pretty smart, but they’re working from averages and likely outcomes and they don’t necessarily take into account individual fabulousness and personal excellence. I hope you keep beating the odds!


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