8 thoughts on “Let’s all unf^ck it up.

  1. Oh, thank you! I haven’t heard that for a while, and I really needed it.

    I did most of my growing up in the 1960s. My memories of the first suborbital flights is vague, but I got on board by John Glenn. One of my prized gifts was a model Gemini capsule, complete with to astronaut figures. And I stayed up to watch Neil Armstrong step onto the moon. (No, a-holes, it wasn’t a hoax.)

    I remember John Kennedy’s assassination (the drums at the funeral procession, the horse with the backwards boots), remember when Martin Luther King was killed, then Bobby Kennedy. I watched news clips of civil rights demonstrators being hosed by police, watched the fighting in Vietnam. I pondered, trying to sort truth from lies.

    But even through Reagan, through Bush I and II, I thought, bit by bit, we were making progress in accepting people for who they were. Now? I just don’t know. I really don’t know.

    But the thought of being a guerilla unfucker tickles me. Here I have a group (I believe) of similarly minded souls. So, viva la revolution! Let’s go for it, ladies, and sympathetic gents!


  2. Still not my president! If Jefferson had awakened in 1801 at the Trump Hotel in the Future Post Office Building, he would have put down his frowzy grocery bag, just taken the bleeping oath, and thundered out “Of course we are all Federalists! Huge!!”

    I also remember all of that Mercury, Gemini, Space Walk, Apollo stuff. A brief interlude between bomb shelter drills at school and peace marches at college.

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  3. Just finished reading John Adams’ letter to a Harvard friend where he detailed his son, JQ Adams’, astounding intellect and preparation for college yet worried the son might not be good enough to make it. How disgusted he would be to see a buffoon with the intellect of a toddler taking the oath today.

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  4. I just saw that the WH website page on climate change is gone and a new page about the “America First” energy plan is up. As a person whose research connects directly with global warming, I’ve long been skeptical about humanity’s chances of getting our collective action on and of course I knew this was coming but damn, it still comes like a punch in the gut. Blue state governments are going to have to work a lot harder to counterbalance this, as is China. Here is the Governor Brown of California talking at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union about getting on with things.

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  5. When things get bad, I reach way back for my Vaclav Havel, György Konrad, Miklos Haraszti and other East Bloc dissidents to find encouragement. I think we are having our own ‘living in truth’ moment here in the US. Its not the same as Eastern Europe in the 1980s, not by a long shot. But we are all being called to act with the civic courage and a belief in the rule of law that our constitution is supposed to uphold.

    Low and Behold I found this article today that overlaps neatly with the problem of action you talk about here, and the bubble conversation from a week ago. The title of Martin Simecka’s article is “Charter 77: The most successful social bubble in modern history.” I think he overstates the role of Charter 77 in the collapse of the regime in 1989, but I am happy to live in a bubble that will cultivate “humility, solidarity and tolerance of the opinion of others.” I highly recommend reading the whole thing.


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