Where you from? Where you from?

Pussy Riot, “Straight Outta Vagina:”  warning:  ear worm ahead!

Sorry for the relative quiet–I’m back to the classroom this week, and as the song says, “this vagina gotta make tha numbas–“

2 thoughts on “Where you from? Where you from?

  1. Glad you’re simply busy, and not feeling sick or some such.

    Per report, The Donald has been hard up for entertainment at the inauguration. I’m sure, being without a clue, he would have welcomed a group called Pussy Riot. But ole Vlad would have nixed that quickly. Or bigly.

    The vid made me a bit depressed, though, thinking of the last election, when “voting with your vagina” was despised by not only the Republicans, but the internet Left, for whom I don’t think any woman would be “the right one.” They’re still on about “If only the Dems had elected a viable candidate.” Uh, some of us thought she was a great candidate, thank you very much.

    Thanks for sharing the vid!

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    • That’s what I love about Pussy Riot–there’s no ambiguity or subtlety. They’re calling out the squeamish sexism for what it is: VAGxiety. ( Also the men are really adorable in this video.)


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