“Yes, morale has never been higher since we eliminated hope!” Hello, and keep away from President Lemongrab.

Who ever could have predicted that a President who campaigned against his own party’s leadership as well as the Democrats and with an approval rating circling the drain at 35-40% would have a hard time assembling a governing majority in congress? Who, indeed?  I just can’t figure out why Dear Leader’s catastrophic success of a presidency isn’t working out the way he promised his voters it would. Continue reading

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but–

The most dangerous person in academia is the stalled associate professor.  I’ve heard far too many stories lately of people with Ph.Ds of 40+ years vintage who are still at the associate rank terrorizing the assistant proffies and even new associates.  And I write this as someone who’s been a little stalled out lately, but who expects the new book to give her a little traction to get out of the stall imminently.


Hugs & kisses–

#AHA17 update: too cold & snowy for cattle parade, but not for us

aha17_programFriends, I was sorry to read this morning that the National Western Stock Show has cancelled its longhorn parade in Denver tomorrow because of the cold and snow forecast for tomorrow:  a high of 12 degrees F., with up to 10 inches of snow set to fall in the next 27 hours or so.  Don’t worry about planes landing in Denver tomorrow–most of the snow will be overnight and done with by 11 a.m. Thursday, before most historians muster for the American Historical Association’s annual meeting. Continue reading

Historiann’s guide to surviving the Mile High #AHA17

Welcome to Denver, #AHA17!

Welcome to Denver, #AHA17!

Happy New Year, friends!  As many of you know, we’re expecting an invasion of historians next week in Denver with the 131st annual meeting of the American Historical Association.  As a local, I thought I’d offer some practical tips and tricks for the coastal swells and dudes who will be staggering around like a tweedy herd of longhorns.  The AHA’s  paper program covers a lot of this information on pp. 2-4, but their map is pretty limited and you might appreciate some insider intel.  So, jump in the saddle and let’s go!  (You can also bookmark this site on your mobile device as it offers links to some handy maps and other info.) Continue reading