7 thoughts on “Shaque d’Amour

  1. I went for a walk today, threatening rain, and met a philosopher painting a house. If I understood him correctly, students of philosophy are so over David Hume. How could that be? Also, painting as the rain clouds gather? I felt like Alice.


  2. Truffula: that’s like a 5-sentence short story. Cool!

    I’m not surprised that 18th C philosophers are out. I’m betting that 19th C philosophers are more the fashion these days. It’s like that. I had a professor of American intellectual history in college who said that he was always struck by the ways that different generations of students reacted to the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. We humorless prigs in the 1980s (when we were this guy’s student) really hated Franklin and what we saw as his Reaganite values. We completely missed the humor in the book, I’m sorry to say. (“Imitate Jesus and Socrates.” That actually made us angry, instead of making us laugh! What a bunch of boneheads.)

    Sorry the weather was rainy where you & koshembos are. It’s sunny, warm, and gorgeous here–I just hung some laundry on the clothesline and I think I’ll ride my bike to a restaurant for breakfast!


  3. Hopefully we could have a recovering boneheads five sentence short story contest here someday, could we, huh, could we?!? Heard some fascinating and hillarious reflexions on Franklin and his boke at a conference yesterday, but not sure I can remember it (at?) all.


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