9 thoughts on “I can’t get out of what I’m into

  1. Having been temporarily vacuumed up out of the rank and file–into the level of management at which somebody is always whacking you for something–I’m trying to keep in mind that this might all just be the gateway to a career in humor writing. I’m required to attend a monthly 2.5 hour “leadership development” group. Really, consciousness-raising for bosses, how funny is that?

    I’ve been singing the Carter Family’s Worried Man Blues with my a lot kids lately.


  2. @truffula: If some authorized “vendor” should happen along on your campus and try to get you to sign off on an invoice-and-purchase order for something called “Desire2Learn,” [D2L for any tech-rappers out there], run, run, run, and keep on running, unless you want to spend your whole waking month (minus 2.5 hours) in non-stop “Wimba” webinars.


  3. Oooh! Indyanna! Our school bought that this year! It’s godawful: won’t e-mail anyone with yahoo or aol addresses, allows students access to each other’s e-mails and student ID numbers… not to mention the ass-ugly interface and stoopid name.


  4. @ Indyanna: D2L!!!!1!1!! Ugh. We have already been infected but I refuse to participate, just as I refused to participate with Blackboard and just as I refused to participate in whatever came before that. I simply will not waste my time learning to use a software that is destined to be replaced two years from now. What’s so wrong with putting things on reserve at the library? I know, I know, I’m so out of touch with the youth of today.

    @Historiann: Indeed they are and it creeps me right out.


  5. D2L? Bwahahahaha. Yup. Been there. Done that. It’s as bad as everyone says.

    (Just in case somebody needs an analogue and hasn’t heard of it, I’ve used Moodle. It’s free, open source, and not hard to use. Although I’d suggest sticking with their v1.9x. Too many rough edges in version 2.)


  6. D2L. Blackboard. Any CMS – sucks. What they all need is to talk to teachers, not techies. We can’t even create a simple class list with any of our online systems – Banner or anybody. Cut/paste a list? You are joking…

    It’s a steady job… but I do love the teaching bits. It’s the other $hit that gets in the way.


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