"Jackal" lifestyle very aging

ksmI was lounging in bed drinking coffee and reading the paper this morning about Attorney General Eric Holder’s recent announcement that several of the 9/11 masterminds would be put on trial in New York, and learned a startling new fact, courtesy of a New York Timesstory by Mark Mazzetti that was excerpted in The Denver Post:  Khalid Sheik Muhammed (“KSM” in National Security shorthand) is only 44 years old!  Yegads.  He’s younger than the President, but looks about half a generation older.  (This photo helps underscore the reasons why so many men shave their beards off when they start turning gray.)  I’m sure his attorney will want him to have a makeover before the trial and to dress him in a western-style suit–but my guess is that he’s going to stick with the full-on jihadi look.

I guess living in caves on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and/or in the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is a very aging lifestyle.  (The Post ran this photo of KSM, but it didn’t appear in the original story on the Times’s website.)  Here’s another higher ed fun fact:  he has a degree in mechanical engineering from North Carolina A & T, in Greensboro, class of ’86!

0 thoughts on “"Jackal" lifestyle very aging

  1. A friend talked me into using henna on my beard once. The effect was actually kind of cool and all the grey streaks turned a nice copper color.

    I’m thinking that if he did this he might be able to get a gig with ZZ Top.


  2. Ha! Good one. Whatever happened to ZZ Top? Did they shave their beards and/or go into hiding after 9/11, to avoid accusations of jihadism? Or are they playing at county fairs, right before the monster truck show?


  3. There’s a thumbnail picture of KSM in today’s Times looking very black-bearded and businesslike, labeled “an undated photo,” on p. 26. According to the story, when he was rousted from bed in 2003 by the gang of U.S. redactors (renditioners?) he made “two demands.” Get me a lawyer, and take me to New York!

    There’s no question that a touch of gray can ruin your whole day on the beard front. A couple of suspected ZZ-Topster lookalikes lived right next to me on Sols’bry Hill, Historiann, at least as late as when I sold up and departed from there a few years back. Never heard any wild fiddle music coming from the place, though!


  4. Let’s not forget Average White Band (reported to be touring again) and Grand Funk Railroad. There’s even been talk of a Fugs reunion tour!


  5. Aerosmith can still pack major venues like the Can (the Pepsi Center) in Denver. But you’re right about the rest of the company, there–somewhere around Meatloaf, perhaps not as far down as Foghat/Eddie Money/Steve Miller.

    But, hey–if they’re still working musicians who don’t have day jobs, then good on them. There’s no shame in any of it.


  6. So it really IS “all about Oil,” then? Jus’ for Menz might have a tone-match that would make it look not too garish in a club over in the Meatpacking District, should the guy happen to pry loose from the detention center.


  7. I think a trim beard and a good hair cut also helps contain the aging process, even if there is gray, and Gay Prof is right, a good moisturize is a must.


  8. Hey there! My man Meatloaf is doing a fair amount of acting these days as is one of the bearded ZZ’s (Billy something) they do have day jobs!


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