Walkin' in an autumn wonderland

autumnwonderland2I didn’t even bother posting photos or commenting on our pre-Halloween freak snowstorm of October 28-29 that left 8-10 inches of snow on the ground in my neighborhood.  Well, here’s evidence of our second “freak” snowstorm this past weekend, another 8 inches or so.  Wild!

I always have to reassure people who hear that I live in Colorado that we don’t wear boots, polarfleece, and parkas all year ’round in the Denver metro area, and that the vast, vast majority of the snow falls in the mountains.  Maybe I should live here longer before I am so quick to contradict these ideas.  (We moved here in the middle of some serious drought years, which meant that summers were unusually warm and the winters relatively dry and snow-free.)

autumnwonderland1The truth is that although I don’t ski, I like the snow.  Even in the middle of winter, it melts off pretty quickly because of our altitude (sunshine + aridity = no frozen goop on the streets as in Chicago or Cleveland).  I like the quiet it brings.  I’ve seen foxes trotting up the street, bold as brass, in the orange glow of our streetlights on snowy nights.  (They’re bold, but they flinch when they see me stand up and move the shades to get a better look at them.)  I like watching the snow fall and hoping for a snow day in the morning.  I even mostly like shoveling the snow off of my driveway and front walk–in October and November, maybe. 

By April, it gets to be a bore.  And the schmutz that gets tracked up the back steps and into the house whenever it snows–I could live without it.

0 thoughts on “Walkin' in an autumn wonderland

  1. The first snow of the year here is beautiful, especially so when it falls in the early evening. We just like to turn off the lights and watch it cover the ground and hopefully, iced up lake. After that it’s not quite so gorgeous.


  2. Great Storm! I guess you’re not in Kansas anymore. (Literally. I was just brushing up on the Kansas-Nebraska Act, and I see by a map that there was a projected version of “Groote Kansas” that would have extended clear out to about where Estes Park is now). Anyway, enjoy…


  3. I’m so jealous! I love snow and winter too, we have less and less of it now in the NE. I remember big snows as a kid, but not so much as a grownup. Mostly ice and ick.


  4. One of my younger brothers lives in Colorado Springs and he was telling me about the two snowfalls that they have had so far. He emphasizes that the biggest difference between there and Massachusetts isn’t even the temperatures (although the winter lows are often substantially lower), but rather the dryness.


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