It's a twistah!

Thanks to all of the friends and family who called or e-mailed yesterday and today to see if famille Historiann was OK after the big tornado touched down not too far from Potterville, Colorado–Indyanna, Regius, Said Friend, etc.  (Our neighboring town of Windsor got creamed, however, and sadly, a man in an RV died in a campground in Potterville.  Fortunately, it was all just property damage in Windsor, without loss of life.)  We were pretty clueless in our corner of town.  The power went out for about 10-15 minutes a little after noon, but that was the worst we suffered.

There were more tornados sighted in the area this afternoon again.  This is really strange, since we live close enough to the mountains (in what they call the “rain shadow”) that we miss out on a lot of the weather that hits the Eastern plains.  We have occasional tornado warnings, but rarely does anything touch down this close to the mountains.  Rest assured, I’ll keep the radio on this weekend so that we can stay abreast of weather news.

0 thoughts on “It's a twistah!

  1. This was scarey to stumble on in Google News with the ominous notation” “24 minutes ago…” Particularly noteworthy were those teachers and teachers aides at the pre-school in Windsor who got, how many, several hundred kids, across the street and into a bank vault after the thing hit, and then managed to release them to frightened parents without losing track of a single one? Bravo.


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