What's wrong with this picture?

Just to illustrate and amplify the point in the previous post, click here to find another shockingly offensive racist and misogynist image from the 2008 primary campaign (H/t Diary of an Anxious Black Woman.)  I won’t put that image on my blog–Anxious B. has a different position, but I’ve got a weak stomach for images that exploit lynching.  See also the commentary at Black Women Vote, and What About Our Daughters?

Are you back now?  Good.  Now, the individual who posted that image at the famous “liberal” Hillary-hating home base, DailyKos.com, meant to criticize people who are critical of Michelle Obama.  However, when you create a sexually and racially exploitative image in the course of criticizing other people for their racism and sexism, you’re replicating the exploitation, not calling it out.  Mmmmm…misogyny:  tastes great to supposedly liberal dudes!  And now, with extra racism!  (On what planet do people think this is acceptable?  Oh, yeah:  planet Wehatehillaryshe’sabitch.)  This is why misogyny is wrong, whether from the right, the left, or the corporate media, and whether it benefits “your” candidate or not.

Well, as Historiann predicted, it looks like Michelle Obama is being prepared for induction in the uppity candidate’s consort/First Ladies’ club, population 1.

0 thoughts on “What's wrong with this picture?

  1. It just made a whole lot less sense when I read it as Condi. There was no “flip” however, as I believe the crazy kids call the hair style. (It it me or should Condi be wearing a pillbox hat?)

    The thing that strikes me as interesting about the image is that it really does betray an awareness of a number of strains of racist imagery and exploitation entertainment. Pleasant to see? Not especially. Make its point clearly? Eh, the sexualization and torture detract from the point that the GOP is willing to, ahem, crucify Michelle Obama. Artistically and rhetorically, it’s a failure, but is a heavily footnoted failure, if you know what I mean.



  2. Well, well — another reason to keep staying away from DailyKos, which we’ve been doing ever since the Clintonistas went out on strike there. Unfreakingbelievable.


  3. Bing–yes, the flip! Historiann once wore a flip, way back in the 90s, when the Squirrel Nut Zippers were all the rage…it doesn’t make sense with Condi, but for a so-called lefty to post an image of Michelle Obama–well, a “heavily footed failure” is an understatement!

    (And so is “unfreakingbelievable,” Roxie, but this is a family blog! I know exactly what you mean…)


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