A True Patriot's History

My PhotoHistoriann is a little late to the post-ign’ant party, but here’s Angry Black Bitch on history, true patriotism, and the duty of all angry bitches to come to the aid of their country.  No sunshine patriot, she–it’s rant-a-licious!  (Except for the praise for President Second Worst, but she’s clearly referring to the John Adams of the 1770s and 1780s, not the reactionary creep of the 1790s.)

0 thoughts on “A True Patriot's History

  1. Thanks for the link. Somehow I remembered Jane Fonda’s partial apology, mostly apologia, for her 1972 Hanoi trip in My Life So Far (2005), which I was reading yesterday, when I read at Angry Black Bitch:

    When citizens indict fellow citizens for criticizing our government they are speaking the language of the loyalist and not the patriot.


  2. Right on, James!

    A friend of mine (and a reader and occasional commenter here) went to a reading and book-signing with Fonda for that book. She told me that when she got to the front of the line and handed Fonda the book to sign, she (my friend) blew it by saying, “Oh, my Mom is such a big fan of yours!”) She said Fonda finished signing, looked at her frostily, and handed her back the book.


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