Historiann on Who Do You Think You Are

UPDATE, 8/31/15 11:50 a.m.  Well, that was fast.  The first video was terminated!  I’ll let you know if I find another copy somewhere, but if you go to the Who Do You Think You Are schedule, you’ll see the promo with a glimpse of me today.  In the meantime, try the link below.

French Protestants!  Religious persecution!  Siege and starvation!  Migration and the bounty of the New World!  It’s all posted on YouTube, at least for now:

14 thoughts on “Historiann on Who Do You Think You Are

  1. Brava, Historiann! I’m glad you emphasized the importance of the filles de roi and put it in terms (Mayflower descendants) that most would understand. Did you do the translated will that’s shown and the research on his ancestors?


  2. I didn’t do any of the research–they have specialist researchers who do that work. My role was just to read what they found and help the production people put together some stories to tell. I worked with them a lot, but just to offer context & ideas they might pursue. I didn’t even have to sell them on the women’s history angle–they were completely jazzed on it from the start.


  3. Thanks, Sweet Sue. The rather washed-out lighting turned out to be very flattering. Even my mother said, “you looked so pretty!”, like she didn’t expect it. It disguised most of my wrinkles!


  4. Very interesting. Thanks for posting! Watched on Sunday and then came across ‘Filles du Roi’ last night when I read the verbiage on the 6-pack of Blanche de Chamblay (beer from Unibroue) that I’d just purchased.


  5. HAhahaha! I love the Unibroue beers, esp. Blanche de Chambley & the Don de Dieu.

    You must live in the North Country, as I’ve never seen it in any U.S. states that weren’t border states. I buy–or rather, bought–Unibroue when in Quebec on research trips or when visiting my parents in Michigan. (They live about 60 miles from the bridge to Windsor in SE MI.)


  6. It’s kind of like trying to get a Vernors. Either you can get one or you can’t get one. And unlike another formerly iconic beverage that won’t be named here, such as Coors, they didn’t chase their “demographic” clear across the planet, ruining the mystique. I finally got to Tiger Stadium in the last year it was open. You could buy a roasted turkey drumstick at the concessions stands, something of an oddity in stadium food, but could you get a Vernors? No. The owner was a Pepsi guy, so it was Pepsi or go thirsty.


  7. I can get it in Maryland (farther south than I ever thought I’d live). i’m sure I can get it in New England where I grew up and return for holidays though I haven’t looked for it that. I think my favorite is ‘La Fin du Monde’. It’s become my end of the semester, grant submission, or other ‘special’ occasion celebration beer.


    • Haven’t looks for Unibroue *there* not *that*. And Maryland is way toooo hot to be North Country =) No snow my entire first winter here. Still working on adjusting to weather.


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