Leaving campus today, I walked by a car with a Colorado license plate that read “GOTADNC.”  I thought to myself:  someone is advertising that she had an abortion (D & C)?  That’s pretty bold!  Or maybe the car belongs to a gynecologist, even though that doesn’t really make sense?  (As in:  “I just gotta do me some D & Cs!)  Or maybe it belongs to a local Dem pol who’s on her way to the Democratic National Convention?  (Get it?  GO TA DNC?  You betcha!)

So I e-mailed a colleague about this, and she pointed out that it probably means “gotta dance.”  This seems a lot less interesting, but a lot more plausible, than anything I could come up with.  (Can you guess that I’m pretty crappy at crosswords and other puzzles?)

And it all made me laugh, because remember the “ASSMAN” episode on Seinfeld from the last century?  And I need some laughs, so do your worst in the comments.


12 thoughts on “GOTADNC!

  1. Well… some (most?) Virginia licence plates have the state abbreviation on the left side, before the letters/numbers. I really hope that it’s GINAS car — and yet, I sort of hope it was intentional.

    When I was a kid, and they still made Datsuns, we saw one with a plate that read “ICECAR”

    I immediately read GOTADNC as Gotta Dance. But then I hang out with the performing arts people 🙂


  2. . . . whereas I hang out with physicians and environmental and women’s historians! (And I also probably spend too much time thinking about/maintaining my body.)

    I’m sure it’s GINAS car. (What else could it possibly be?)


  3. I think what you’ve got here is a compulsively-honest parent who’s tired of reading those ubiquitous “my kid is an honor student at…” bumper stickers and even the “my punksta could beat up your honor student” retorts and is simply acknowledging to the world that ze has “Got A Dunce” back at home, but at least a well adjusted lovable one.


  4. My first reading was that s/he is obviously rooting for Tad in North Carolina (to do WHAT? what is Tad DOING?)

    Not even a joke: local weather guy drives a convertible with vanity tag 0PRECIP


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