Teacher, Teacher

Lesson one, just begun:  growing up is not much fun.

I had a lovely e-mail out of the blue from a former student from 16 years ago recently.  He wrote, “[y]ou encouraged me to drop the use of the word ‘seminal,’ which I have done!”  Victory is mine!!!

8 thoughts on “Teacher, Teacher

  1. Awesome! Any tips for getting my classmates in a Women’s Studies grad course on methods to stop using that word? I die a bit inside every time I hear it.


  2. I usually suggest “fertile,” which is somewhat gender-neutral, and also, I think, a better model for the way knowledge is created/transmitted. An idea or event doesn’t contain within itself the seeds of later ones, it provides an environment (ground) in which later ones can grow.


  3. Congratulations! I try to beat that one out of my students too, although I usually spend more time on getting tribe out of their vocabulary.


  4. This might have the ancillary benefit of taking “webinar” down with it. I’d like to see a whole French Revolutionary calendar of new academic terms:
    germinal, prairial, messidor, etc. “Colloquia/ums,” kind of make me think of getting mugged in a supper club coat room. Surely there’s something better out there for such a course form. The war for the store in higher ed. will surely have a nomenclatural front. The Electronic Delivery of Educational Services Association [TM] has launched the term “podium” classes as a kind of sneering dismissive for the practice whereby somebody else is actually in the same room and within sight of the active learners; a neologism I could kind of do without.


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