Waaaaaahhhhhh! I wanted to be a Congwesswoman again!!!

Our GOP Congressional representative in the 4th Congressional District, Marilyn Musgrave, who got beaten like a rented mule last week by her Dem challenger Betsy Markey (by TWELVE POINTS!), has yet to telephone the victor to congratulate her or even to concede the election, according to the Denver Post.  Sez Colorado Pols,

The tenor of Musgrave’s always-shrill campaigns suggested she took them personally, but at the end of the day it’s just business.  [2006 GOP Gubenatorial candidate] Bob Beauprez went down much harder and was talking to the press the next day. For the sake of any viable political future she may hope to have, it’s probably time to ease off on the pity party, step out on the farmhouse porch and take a few questions. A token gesture or two to help your erstwhile opponent’s transition also wouldn’t hurt.

On the other hand, maybe Musgrave will ransack the DC office, burn the files, and cut all the phone lines. Not the greatest career move, but it sure feels good.

This tracks with everything I’ve heard about La Musgrave.  When she’s in Colorado, she never leaves Fort Morgan.  She won’t let the sun shine on her in Greeley, Fort Collins, or Loveland.  And, back during her 2006 campaign, I heard from a politically involved student that she was “afraid” to visit Baa Ram U. because she thought she’d be attacked by our students.  Leaving aside the ridiculousness of that so-called fear, what kind of attitude is that for a Congresswoman to have about the people of her district?  That’s been Musgrave’s attitude her whole career–serving the interests of George W. Bush and Republicans in Congress, and pissing on her constituents from a great height. 

Stay classy, Marilyn.  It makes it all the more fun to watch your flameout.

0 thoughts on “Waaaaaahhhhhh! I wanted to be a Congwesswoman again!!!

  1. For many of us, it’s been a mystery that Musgrave managed to get elected 3 times. But, this district ranges all the way from the Denver suburbs to the Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming borders, and is very conservative overall. One thing I learned by watching Musgrave is that there are some people who don’t want a U.S. Rep. who is dynamic, energetic, or well-spoken, out of fear that someone like that might actually accomplish something. Better to stick with a low-wattage dimwit than risk any kind of activism (outside of the hate-the-gays Constitutional amendment, of course.)

    Very weird. But then, I am in opposition to American politics and culture at almost every point conceiveable, so it’s probably me who is the weird one.


  2. Well, I’ve been thinking with pleasure about Musgrave’s defeat. Hadn’t read that she didn’t manage to do the right thing and concede…But I know how much you have looked forward to her defeat 🙂 Congratulations


  3. That’s a lotta state borders. Maybe they should let the steers vote and divvy it up into more districts? Is Fort Morgan the county seat, or territorial seat, or whatever? Maybe she’ll hole up in the McCormick House Office Building and refuse to turn over the vote clicker. We could use a good constitutional crisis, even if only on the congressional district level.

    Any news on whether my old rowdy college dormitory hallmate, Pete Lee, got elected down there by Pike’s Peak? That would certify the bluification of the state, and maybe cost me a bet I made back there in 1066!


  4. Hi Profane–do I read that article right? It says that Summers is down 57 to 41, advantage Pingree. Does that mean that she’s got 57% of the vote, and he’s got only 41%? If that’s the case, then I think Pingree can declare victory with a high degree of confidence. But, if “57 to 41” means districts, or something else besides percentage of votes, then he’s got a point.

    But: why would an election in Maine still be in doubt 6 days later? I don’t quite understand.

    (And, Susan: what kind of world do we live in that the 4th CD dumps the hate-the-gays Republican, and California votes to hate-the-gays? How strange that I may prefer to live in Colorado after all!)


  5. The article dates from election night, when Pingree declared victory after several press outlets projected her the winner; she did not bother to wait for Summers to concede before declaring victory. (At the time, many of Summers strong districts were yet to report). Summers duly conceded after they had come in, and were not enough to swing things over; Pingree ultimately won by a margin of 55%-45%.


  6. Ha, ha, ha, ha
    OMG I can’t stop laughing and smiling about what an incredible disappointment of a human being she is. Or rather smiling about the fact that I was always right about it and she has proven me right once again!!! Like I told the canvasser- I’d sooner put my dog’s name on a ballot than cast a vote for ol’ “I hate the gays” Musgrave.

    I’m with you Historiann- for once I’m so darn pleased with the people Colorado elected- some of the amendments we voted down made me terribly sad but I’ll take what I can get!!! Boo to California (WTF?) and to Arkansas and Arizona too!


  7. Profane–well, I agree that Pingree’s declaration of victory was probably in poor taste. But, if we’ve learned anything from George W. Bush, we’ve learned that it’s best to declare victory early and fight it out in the courts. The advantage goes to the bold.

    I’ve searched the local news this morning, nicolec and ej–there is no mention that she’s phoned Betsy Markey yet. What a class act!


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