Free laffs Wednesday

Come on–admit it.  It’s funny!  (As Homer Simpson once said, “It’s funny because it’s true!”)

Pope kitsch courtesy of Roxie’s World.  (Don’t read the post that it decorates, though–if you’re an Obama supporter, it will make you a little sad and/or defensive, and if you’re not, well–it probably won’t convince you to vote for the guy.)  But, hey–the Democratic Party is a big tent, right?  And big tents sometimes let in some big jerks…and we need to get a substantial portion of the jerk vote to win (even if we don’t win the majority of the jerk vote.)

0 thoughts on “Free laffs Wednesday

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Historiann, but what’s the deal with telling people not to read my post? We are here to annoy, to amuse, and — occasionally, often accidentally — to edify. C’mon over to America’s favorite dog blog devoted to politics, pop culture, basketball, and, currently, snarky stuff about Obama’s quest for the jerk vote (TM You’ll be doggone glad you did. 😉


  2. Roxie–you’re right. I’m sorry. (But don’t you think that my description of your post is more intriguing than if I hadn’t warned people not to click and read?)

    Didn’t your moms ever pick up books specifically because they were told they shouldn’t?


  3. If Historiann says don’t read it, the site’s gonna crash under the weight of simultaneous clicks! Although I haven’t fought my way over there yet personally, as I’m playing catch-up after five days on the road.


  4. It’s true — Historiann has very disobedient readers, and I love each and every one of them. I’m guessing they were the kids in Catholic school who LOVED it when the nuns came and rapped them sharply on the knuckles with their rulers. You are bad, bad, bad little children, and this bad dog is ready to punish you. Gr-r-r.


  5. I ride a bus to work in Chicago. It goes through good (safe) and bad (unsafe) neighborhoods, including Obama’s. Everyone supports Obama, but their level of jerkiness varies, from nonexistent to wildly surreal. Listening to students scream at the top of their lungs about who of their “friends” they’d like to “beat down,” all the while punctuating their sentences with expletives of the vilest sort, reminds me of how terrible a system democracy is. Except of course for every other type of government (thank you Winston.) Sometimes I think we need more dogs to crap in the big tent to see who is truly dedicated, and who’s just there for show.


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