Colorado polls and pols: things are looking up for the Dems

Although I’ve been deeply skeptical that Colorado would truly be a “swing state,” the latest polls suggest that the Dems are doing very well, up and down the ticket.  If you’re interested in following the Colorado political news–and there is a lot of it this year besides the presidential election–you can do so by checking into  The blog’s proprietor appears to be a sanguine Democrat–don’t expect hir to blow sunshine up Dems’ skirts, not in this state–but is a fair judge of who’s up and who’s down in Colorado’s U.S. and state races.  The commenters come from all over the political spectrum, so you’ll get a sense of what people are seeing and hearing in their various political corners.

The latest Colorado poll (Quinnipiac), as reported by ColoradoPols, shows Obama beating McCain by 4 points, and puts Mark Udall, the Dem candidate for our open U.S. Senate seat, eight points ahead of Republican Bob Schaffer.  And via TalkLeft, a PPP poll reports that Obama is up by seven (51%-44%) and shows the same 8-point Udall advantage for the senate race.  It won’t chap my hide at all to be wrong in my prediction that McCain would probably win Colorado–not a bit.  I’ve always thought that the senate race was Udall’s to lose–the guy he’ll be replacing, Wayne Allard, was nothing but a rubber-stamp dullard who gave the okey-doke to anything the Bush administration wanted.  Even Republicans in Colorado were stunned by Allard’s determined efforts to remain ineffective.

For those of you who are real political junkies and/or members of the GLBTQ community, you will be pleased to hear that the Dems in the 4th CD have a solid candidate to run against Marilyn Musgrave.  (Yes–that Marilyn Musgrave, the hate-the-gays Constitutional amendment sponsor in even numbered years.)  Betsy Markey isn’t letting Musgrave talk smack without talkin’ back–and the dudes at ColoradoPols think she might just have the juice this year to give Musgrave the smackdown.  (I’m a little surprised to hear about their optimism, but I’ll take it.)  By comparison, Schaffer (who represented the 4th CD in congress, 1997-2003) was a really decent guy.  I still wouldn’t have voted for him–but he wasn’t a complete tool.

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  1. Let’s don’t forget to track my old next-door freshman year hallmate from Thompson Hall, Pete Lee, (D-12), running for the state senate down there by Pike’s Peak. I would have thought as a Republican, actually, but then again, I always thought he went on to the Wharton School. Life does funny things to you, though, including the memory part! To your eyes, as well. I misread that last paragraph and almost thought Marilyn MANSON was running out there!

    Zeb Pike is also a sort of an old-school tie guy with me as well. He went to a still standing stone one room schoolhouse in the district I moved into for 7th grade!


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