Gone fishin' again, in Michigan (again!)

It’s hotter than heck on the Western prairies right now, so famille Historiann is off again to spend time with family and friends on a clear little lake in the old Northwest Territory, on old Ottowa, Sauk, and Fox lands not far from were Pontiac’s Rebellion got its start back in 1763.

I may check in occasionally, but regular posting will resume later next week.  Happy trails, and I hope you all get some vacationing in before your summer ends.

0 thoughts on “Gone fishin' again, in Michigan (again!)

  1. Damm! I would have looked for a job as an actual college perfessor if I knew this much fishing might have come with the territory! My cold comfort is that I’m trying to write my way through the Pontiac episode right now so I can conclude the proverbial last chapter of this thing I’m doing–which has just recently been demoted to the SECOND-to-last chapter, in the way these things usually will. So in Spirit-vision terms, at least, I’m up there too on the
    “Big Two-Hearted River,” trying to catch a trout. Have a great week in the Northland, Historiann!!


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