Yes we CANada!

But wait: there’s more!

It’s hose or be hosed, friends, so I’ll proudly vote Canada this year. It will only be a few more decades when global warming will make them our masters, anyway. All of that sweet, fresh, water and melting arctic ice. . . I say surrender now while it still seems kind of cool and not completely desperate.

12 thoughts on “Yes we CANada!

  1. Nice one! These pro-Canada sites always pop up around election years (though I’m eternally amused that none of those who claimed they’d move north if George W. Bush/George H. W. Bush etc. won the election have ever done so).


  2. none of those who claimed they’d move north

    I know somebody who did. Ze’d been thinking for some time that this is not a fit country in which to raise a child, got a degree that would make hir marketable in other countries just in case, and when the bombs started dropping, my friend and child got out.


  3. Fratguy was a dual citizen U.S. and Canada until he turned 18. But we learned recently at a border crossing in Quebec that his children are eligible for Canadian citizenship, and of course any spouses I presume can also become citizens through marriage. (I haven’t checked out this border guard’s story, but if it’s true it’s remarkable that descendents to the 2nd generation might be eligible for Canadian citizenship.)

    But of course, what physicians want to do is the reverse: get the cheap Canadian medical education, and then move to the U.S. for the profit$$$.

    So who knows where the world might take us? I’d have to change the name of the blog to HistoriCANn!


  4. I’d say check out that citizenship duality — lots of myths about losing dual citizenship upon reaching 18. It’s a little more complicated than that (conditions of US citizenship passing to children of American women, for instance, once required that the mother have lived in the United States for five continuous years over the age of 18 before the birth of the child outside of the country in order for that child to “inherit” citizenship) but in some ways remarkably easy. I was over 30 when I went to the US Embassy in Toronto to fill out my citizenship application, which was essentially the process of getting an American passport. As far as the US was concerned, this Canadian was one of theirs and so I hied to the US. Was getting sick of Mulroney anyway.


  5. It’s my understanding that you don’t lose Canadian citizenship unless and until you tell the Canadian Gov’t to “get stuffed, eh?” regardless of status elsewhere.

    Also… I have a pair of those mittens that are dangling over the fireplace in scene the first. 😀


  6. Even Martin Frobisher could probably poke a ship through the Northwest Passage these days. I’ll vote for the merger if they realign the National Hockey League to reconstitute the old “Six Team League” of my youth, playing as one division, against Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa, and any three other franchises North of the border that they care to create. And then “de-spand” the rest of the league to get rid of the hideous anomaly of Sun Belt hockey.


  7. My father is a dual citizen. When he first moved to Canada, back in the early 70s, they were worried about the draft resisters. So even as a female, I was closely scrutinized every time I visited – maybe I was going to follow my boyfriend? Once I even got a two week Canadian visa stamped in my passport…

    But I would vote for Canada. At least one of my parents is dealing with a relatively sane health care system.


  8. Come for the universal health care, stay for the long, long winters. This time of year, my Canadian husband speaks longingly of taking advantage of my dual citizenship to move us all to someplace warm and dry in the States.


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