8 thoughts on “Remarkable providences

  1. One tough-looking hombre, is all I can say. The dude wearing the red shirt looks pretty formidable, too. What’s that ze’s holding, a campfire toasting iron? All’s well here in the East, Historiann.


  2. For president? I don’t think he’s old enough. According to the second linked article, he was 19 in early 2007, so I think he’s only about 23 now, and one must be 35 to serve as president.

    I don’t think the U.S. Constitution specifies that a president be homo sapiens, just a native-born citizen and 35 years of age. (I guess we could get caught up in the question of whether or not a capuchin monkey is a citizen, though, as animals have never had voting rights in the U.S. nor have they ever been counted for purposes of congressional representation.

    I suppose you’re free to write in anyone you want on your ballot next fall.


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