(From White Christmas (1954), with Rosemary Clooney, Vera-Ellen, Danny Kaye, and Bing Crosby.)

Actually, there’s no snow on the ground here in our New England holiday enclave, but that’s OK–in northern Colorado we’ve had snow on the ground since the week before Halloween, so it’s a nice respite.  Those of you who are traveling, travel safely. Those of you who are staying put, enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Close to a foot in Denver, Historiann! About 14 inches between Denver and the Springs. I got in from DIA just ahead of it, thankfully. Have a great holiday away from Baa Ram (or is it Baa Football Coach) U!


  2. I travelled to the northeast with a warm down coat, expecting a week of freezing temps, and find myself mostly wishing it wasn’t so heavy…. Have a great time! (and it appears that there will be a few inches at my final destination for Christmas, so I will see snow.)


  3. Sigh I would much rather be frolicking in snow than stuck here in my overheated office. At least we have some good craft projects in the works at home.

    In my humble opinion the best number in White Christmas is Love You Didn’t Do Right by Me. Rosemary Clooney is so perfect in that dress, singing that song. I swoon every time I see it.


  4. Glad you got to your basecamp and best wishes to Fratguy for a smooth ride over. I’m in the party that would like to see at least a little snow in the East, but alas, it appears that’s not going to happen. What that augurs for the rest of the winter is anybody’s guess. Did anyone notice that today offered a tiny bit longer spell of daylight than the day before? I didn’t either.


  5. I’m sad to report that it’s balmy and sunny here today – not even remotely Christmas-y. The only times I ever had white Christmases were when I’ve traveled West!

    Enjoy and Merry Christmas to all! I’ve got to get back to the kitchen.


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