15 thoughts on “Everybody knows.

  1. Yep, total cave in, total choke-artist, total chump-change “compromise.” I e-mailed my west-end congressman to vote no, but they’ll squeeze enough of those worms to get it through. Well, the enchanted ones told us back when that it was going to be “transformational.”


  2. Well, the enchanted ones told us back when that it was going to be “transformational.”

    Heh. It was enchantment, wasn’t it? Those of us who remained impervious to the fairy dust just never, ever got it. I still don’t get it, even now. (Outside of the toxic effects of misogyny on the Dem party, anyway.)

    Looks like the Compromise of 2011 just passed the House. That was its major hurdle. The beatings will continue until morale improves, for realz.


  3. I am not giving up. This is a great time to fight back. Throw out the worms in 2012 and the Criminal as well. Don’t even think about retreating to a shell; they need the shell too.

    We called everyone we could and will act accordingly. There will be new leaders and we must check them out carefully and support them.


  4. The entire thing is meaningless gibberish. No substantial cuts are called for under any circumstance until 2013, and at that point a new Congress can pass whatever laws they want to adjust, revise, or even do away with the whole fucken thing if they feel like it. Pure theater.


  5. In these grim days I can only take slight comfort in quoting Gouverneur Morris–a rake if there ever was one–about the body in which he sat during a dark hour of the American Revolution: “The mighty Senate of America is not what you have known it. The currency and Congress have both depreciated, but in the Hands of the almighty Architect of Empires, the Stone which the Builders have rejected may easily become the Head of the Corner.” Some voters may prefer Oliver Cromwell’s pithier injunction to the Long Parliament: “You have sat here too long for any good you have done. Depart, I say, and let us be done with you. In the name of God, go…”


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  7. Issues? What issues? This summer our 9 yr old learned how to surf and how to ride a horse. I beat each of my sons in Call of Duty death matches. Got a lot of reading done too. Best. summer. EVAH.


  8. dandelion on 01 Aug 2011 at 6:08 pm #

    Despair in Obamaville.

    Oh, if only schadenfreude could be as nutritious as cat food.

    That comment just made my day–thank you


  9. This clip wouldn’t load and play for me at first but when it did it reminded me of the time I (slowly) slid a Volkswagen bug off a wet highway into a telephone pole while listening to “Bird on the Wire” (on AM radio!!!). The responding township officer wasn’t buying my newly-graduated effort to deconstruct an offense into a metaphor, so I had to send a check to the district justice. And the parents weren’t too thrilled either. Kind of reminds me of the here and now!


  10. All I know is that the clip made me wish I had used the summer to learn to play a bajo sexto and go fedora shopping! Maybe on leave in the spring…


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