A peek at chez Historiann

Forgive this solipsistic post–those of you who aren’t interested in la vie Historiann can just click away.  But, yesterday Tenured Radical said that I don’t “reveal the nature of [my] sexuality, [my] relationship or [my] parenting status on the blog, and is a pretty radical feminist,” which is a little inaccurate.  Longtime readers know that I “came out” on my blog as a married heterosexualist last year, although I grant you that there’s nothing more specific about my sex life here.  I thought about it a while, and decided that these were pretty good representations of “how pleasant is the life [we] lead” here at number 17 Cherry Tree Lane.

First, here’s Historiann:  “We’re fighting for our rights militantly–never you fear!”

Next we have Fratguy:  “It’s grand to be an American, in 2010.  King Obama’s on the throne–it’s the age of men!”

We’ll leave it up to you to imagine what the rest of the household looks like–the servants (if any), Jane and Michael (if any), and the nanny (if there is one.)  Glynis Johns and David Tomlinson were perfectly cast in Mary Poppins–they played Mr. and Mrs. Banks as a bit clueless, but happy and satisfied with their lives.  Mr. Banks gets the worst of it in this movie–the mother’s off doing her political work, but the lessons about the ephemeral nature of childhood and the importance of family time are really directed at Mr. Banks.  So what if they needed a magic nanny?  (Who couldn’t use one of those?)

“Adorable?  Well that’s debatable, I must say.”

0 thoughts on “A peek at chez Historiann

  1. As far as I am concerned you could be a bisexual transvestite with an army of butlers and a castle to boot. Not to rain on anyones parade, relative mediocrity is the lot of most of us.

    Mary Poppins? Isn’t there a more interesting metaphor?


  2. Dr. Historiann:

    Could you pleez pleez pleez write a post about Bennet, before the mail election ends?

    I’m kinda skeered that the Fix Is In, and moved to Romanoff — why am I the last to know that Romanoff co-chaired the Colorado DLC?


    I’m hella suspicious that the Denver Post and other press has veered away from Bennet. I think it’s due to Bennet’s last minute kabuki about Congressional reforms — if he kept his big mouth shut, they woulda made it a shoe-in, but now they’re making him work for it. Either way, there’s no guarantee Romanoff won’t go Blue Dog and cash in, once he pleads “oh, no, the big bad GOP’s too big to fight without corporate cash”c


  3. cgeye–Romanoff is closing in on Bennet, and no one knows what’s going on with mail-in ballots and people voting over a 3-week period, but it seems like people are starting to believe that Romanoff might actually win. Over at ColoradoPols, which has been all pro-Bennet all the way, they put up a post yesterday “So. . . What if Romanoff Actually Pulls it Off?”, when all year long all they’ve done is mock him and mock his efforts in the primary. The Denver Post is going into overdrive to protest their little Wall Street Senator–apparently, bringing up the source of Bennet’s big bucks is going too negative in their view.

    The link you sent pretty much sums up why I’ve always thought Bennet was a complete tool. With Democrats like Ritter and Bennet, who needs Republicans? Romanoff is also an Ivy-league carpet bagger, but at least he came to Colorado and made something of himself in one line of work, and built up his expertise and competence. Bennet just went from appointment to appointment with Daddy’s help. I don’t have too many illusions that Romanoff will be a Front Range Russ Feingold–but at least he worked to get where he is.

    Incidentally, everyone running for the Senate here is an Ivy Leaguer except for Jane Norton, who went to Baa Ram U. Ken Buck went to Princeton, and Romanoff and Bennet went to Yale (Bennet was Yale Law.) WTF?


  4. True — you did out yourself, and I sort of remembered that, and sort of not — and then actually decided to leave it ambiguous to shill our JWH forum.

    But it is also true you have kick-ass gender politics, in addition to being a radical feminist.


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