Gone fishin'

Annie Belden on the Pitchfork Ranch, Cody, Wyoming, ca. 1935

I’ll be on the road and out and about for the next few weeks, but I’ll post as I can.  Be good, and if you can’t be good, be careful!  (Photo credit here.)  I bet you thought “gone fishin'” was just an expression around these parts!  Well, I don’t fish and tell.

Meanwhile, Squadratomagico is back with some reflections on visiting her college for the first time in twenty years.  Alastair finds rainbows worthy of Rainbow Brite sprouting everywhere in Denver.  A Ph.D. student in England stands accused of murdering 3 women.  Former SCOTUS Associate Justice and current cowgirl Sandra Day O’Connor shares some horse senseon Elena Kagan, Arizona’s Fugitive Immigrant Act, and taking criticism from the President at the State of the Union address.

Catch you later!

0 thoughts on “Gone fishin'

  1. Happy travels, Historiann! Hope you and yours have a swell time. The moms are headed out to the left coast today for some post-funeral R&R. We’re still covering the death beat over at my place, but Moose has a sweet post up about her late, great mother-OUT-law. It’s, you know, a heart-breaking work of staggering genius, or something. Bon voyage!


  2. I never caught nuthin’ in that stream, the “Hidden River,” sources tell us. And I don’t rightly see how you could get a horse down into it. I have seen a few carp taken there, from time to time, though.


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