Historiann and GayProf teach it all, part I

This week,  inspired by his post a few months ago about the politics of always presuming that Latino/a history in American history is a “new” issue, GayProf and I have cooked up a series of posts that will reveal our Marxist feminist Latino/a Reconquista schemes for hemispheric domination! We put the panic in Hispanic, I tell ya.  Part I is over at Center of Gravitas–follow me over there, and discuss amongst yourselves!

0 thoughts on “Historiann and GayProf teach it all, part I

  1. I am posting my comment here because I have not been able to set up a Google account (I have tried!) which is required to post at Center of Gravitas.

    I was struck in watching Henry Louis Gates’ PBS show on genealogy, Faces of America, when he investigated the family history of actress Eva Longoria – with the conclusion that her ancestors were documented on this continent prior to the arrival of the Pilgrims. They have land deeds in what is now Texas that go back for centuries. As she commented, “We always said, we did not cross the border, the border crossed us.” I thought they made an important point about the long presence of Latino/as that would obviously surprise a lot of people.


  2. Kathie–you don’t need a Google account to post over at GayProf’s place. Just click “name/url,” and you can post as Kathie (and just leave the URL blank.) That’s how I do it (only I put in my blog’s URL).

    I missed the genealogy show you mention–I’m glad they included a Latina. (What’s with all of the genealogy shows lately? Are we in a new era of ancestor worship?)


  3. Kathie, everybody is welcome at CoG! Let me pour you a cocktail.

    I have to say the genealogy shows make me nervous (which depend on DNA). There is a danger of making race once again invested in the body, now with a new slick, sciencey veneer.

    As a side note, Eva Longoria is working on a Master’s Degree in Chicano Studies.


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