Historiann's rogue's gallery: can you name that commenter?

Remember that Mad Men Yourself little game from last summer we had so much fun with?  Well, I thought it would be a great way to play a new game called “name that commenter.”  Here are some Mad Men-ized versions of some of the regular commenters at Historiann.  I’ve met all of these people in person, and some here have been with me from the very beginning of Historiann.com.  Can you guess who is who?  Images after the jump! 

commenter1Commenter #1 (I’m not really happy with this one.  The noses and mouths on the Mad Men Yourself website are too limited, and for most people, not really great fits.)





Commenter #2:  this one is more accurate, if not a little flattering!




commenter3Commenter #3, who other commenters always think is a woman and not a man.




commenter4Commenter #4 (who doesn’t actually smoke, so far as I know.  I just thought it worked with the look here, which is viva glam!)




commenter5Commenter #5, who enjoys her martinis IRL.




commenter6Commenter #6, who made this Mad Men icon himself.  (Handsome devil!)




madmen_fullbodyamlThanks, everyone!  Happy guessing.  I hope I didn’t pi$$ anyone off too much with these little caricatures–let me know via e-mail if you think one of these might be you, but you don’t want to out yourself on the blog.  If you want to be featured in a post, feel free to make yourself into a Mad Men icon and send it to me in an e-mail!  If I get enough, I’ll do an updated rogue’s gallery post later this week.  (Enjoy the exam week diversions!)

0 thoughts on “Historiann's rogue's gallery: can you name that commenter?

  1. Having one’s Mad Men image on an OAH conference badge would liven up the proceedings. But I guess it’s more appropriate for ASA. Then again….


  2. Oh, I use one of the Mad Men icons for my departmental IM/board (we’re on Yammer which is pretty cool). There’s not a good hair colour for v. dark brown going grey, mind you, as 60s professional women seemed to have either coloured their hair or gone straight to gun-metal. I’ll make a new one (have to update my hairstyle, anyway) and send it your way. Hee!


  3. Janice–I found that it’s difficult to deal with the turning-gray hair colors. Most people aren’t all gray or totally white–at least, not for a long time. So while most of my regular commenters are probably somewhere-on-the-way-to-gray, I had to choose either gray or totally gray-free.

    I did the best I could!


  4. p.s. RE: ADM’s guesses: Tenured Radical is not pictured above, and GayProf is not #2. I didn’t include you this time–would you like to do one of your own, or do you want me to make one for you? (I’ve already received one entry from a commenter I’ve never met before, so I will be doing another rogue’s gallery soon.)


  5. If we send you our own MadSelves (I feel like I should trademark that, if somebody hasn’t beat me to it), can you get them to show up next to our comments like (I hate to say it) on Facebook posts?


  6. I also thought # 3 might of somewhat favored Indyanna, but the orange hair is a dead-Not giveaway. It might of done for the beard when ze still dared to grow one. Also, that sweater’s gogga go, unless it can be made into a turtleneck, rather than a, what do you call those open-front ones?

    What’s a…. person gotta do to get a drink put in hir hand around this bar? Just guessin’ on the I.D., though. 🙂


  7. You know, the orange hair and sweater through me off too, Indyanna. But I’m basing my guess off of Historiann’s hint…I thought you were a woman until I met you at Berks two summers ago.


  8. I think I’m #1, but I had #4 pegged as Dr. Crazy, just ‘cuz I haven’t met her. Maybe she’s 5? But what’s with what looks like a mug of coffee instead of something more interesting, like a single malt? Oh, and GayProf as #6.


  9. I think Indyanna is pretty on target, given the limitations of the medium. Sadly, I don’t know anyone else — though I bet one could put together a pretty nice John S. with the options in the program. I celebrated my final class of the semester last night by creating my own, which I’ll send in. There’s probably significantly more body and less hair than the last time I saw Historiann IRL.


  10. Great guesses! #6 is NOT FratGuy–he’s not a regular enough commenter. It’s GayProf! He made his own icon several months ago and posted it on his own blog.

    Susan: I tried my best, but yes, #1 is my effort at portraying you. #5 could be Dr. Crazy–but in that case I think I would have put cool glasses on her. (It’s someone else.) JJO knows too much–he’s right. I meant #2 to be John S.

    I’ll see about arranging the comments so that people can upload their Mad Men profiles, as Tom has suggested.


  11. Hey–I am on a research trip, or else I would have weighed in earlier. I *am* flattered by icon #2. It is especially appropriate given that I have decided, after couple of years, to bring the goatee back.

    (And JJO–you’re missing out! Yesterday the Virginia State Library had a big display/sale of southern history books. All the eminents were there, and I looked for your tome. It wasn’t there! You need to get in the gift shop, my friend; it’ll be the perfect way to move copies.)


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