Another round for all of my friends!

gayprofglass1This summer, I’ve had the opportunity to meet up with some new friends in the blogosphere–although in most cases it was our first meeting, it felt more like meeting an old friend because of our on-line conversations on each other’s blogs.  Notorious Ph.D., Girl Scholar took me out to lunch at a fabulous vegetarian restaurant in L.A., Another Damned Medievalist consented to hang out with some of my crazy Baa Ram U. colleagues when she came to Colorado recently, Dr. Crazy drove through miles of road construction to meet with me last week in Ohio, and this week GayProf  served up a few cocktails from his shaker and even cooked dinner for me at his house!  (Here’s a photo of the little prezzie I bought him for his birthday, so if you’re ever in Midwestern Funky Town you can ask him to mix you up one of 7 classic cocktails, since you can see he’s got the recipes and the necessary equipment!)  This blog has connected me with other bloggers and commenters I might never have run across in real life, and I’m so grateful to hear about your different experiences and perspectives.

I’ve also had the opportunity to see a lot of old friends in the last few months.  I really appreciate having old friends more and more.  I’ve moved around a fair amount in my adult life, but there are people in most regions of the country where I know I can hitch up Old Paint and pick up with them like I never moved away.  Thanks to all of you who have met me for lunches or coffees, or who have hosted me in your homes in California, Ohio, and Michigan over the past several weeks–I’m really glad you’re all in my life, and I’m grateful that many of you read and comment here regularly, since it keeps us in touch!

I wish I could buy you all a refreshing Independence Day cocktail like the Miss Liberty, which GayProf and I enjoyed over lunch today.  Cheers, my friends, until the next time my stagecoach stops in your town!


Scandalous! Happy Fourth, y'all.

0 thoughts on “Another round for all of my friends!

  1. You should totally be looking for a way to get to my remote northern burg. We have some damned fine household specialities along with the “Big Nickel”.


  2. Same is true with respect to you, Historiann. I hope your visitation brings you to this shire a year hence. I even just googled hitching posts! Have a safe trip back up to the summer pasture.


  3. Susan and Indyanna–you are too kind! I’ll take you up on that, some day for sure. And, ADM and GayProf–miss you two already!

    I should say too that mi casa, su casa if ever any commenters or readers are passing through Potterville or Fort Fun. Be sure to let me know, so we can put fresh hay down in the barn for you!


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