Letters to the Editor of Dartmouth Alumni Magazine


Baker Library, Dartmouth College

Comedy gold, from the May/June 2009 issue of Dartmouth Alumni Magazine (what can I say?  I get a lot of magazines.)  Sorry–no linkie:

A Taxing Situation

I am disappointed by the lack of outrage at the nomination and subsequent confirmation of Timothy Geithner ’83 as the country’s new Secretary of the Treasury [“Big Picture,” Mar/Apr]. 

Some have framed any questioning of Secretary Geithner’s character as a partisan smear campaign.  I cheered Obama’s victory over Sen. McCain, but I consider the nomination and the confirmation of Geithner as the country’s Secretary of the Treasury a travesty given his past personal tax problems.

How many students have been removed from Dartmouth for significantly less than what Secretary Geithner has admitted?  Why are we okay with him running the Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service?

Michael W. Fadil ’85


Correct me if I’m wrong, but most alumnae and alumni magazines write about their alums (especially prominent ones) in only slightly less adulatory tones than your mother would write about you if she published a magazine.  The editorial line of alumni magazines is usually about as critical as “Yay, us!,” so it seems all the more interesting that Geithner can’t get uncontested good press even in his alumni magazine.

0 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor of Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

  1. Funny!

    And yet . . . . The thing about Geithner is that he’s not, say, the head of NOAA. I could see being an excellent climatologist and a tax cheat. (Although even there, couldn’t they find one who was as good and honest?)

    But nominating a tax cheat to run the TREASURY? To be the ultimate boss of the IRS? Hello? I’ll bet even his mother is sitting back and blinking a bit.


  2. As I said to my accountant several times this year I have always been very aware of whether or not taxes were being withheld from any of my outside contracts. It was a no- brainer. Geithner does look like a deer in the headlight at times. Grandoc Dartmouth 60.


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