SATCTM* practice: Know your Bradshaws

(*Sex and the City:  The Movie)

Carrie Bradshaw?







Or Terry Bradshaw?

I know it’s so confusing!  They’re both such good-natured, self-effacing Bradshaws, and they were both on buddy-shows on the TV.  For both of them, hair is not their best feature.  (Sorry, Carrie and Terry!)

However, there is the not inconsequential matter of a 200- pound weight differential.  One was a famous fictional New Yorker, the other a famous actual Pittsburgher.

Listen to this analysis of the “narcissist” Bradshaw from NPR’s Morning Edition.  (That seems like a dubious hook for the story–wev.  Good thing they have an authoritative male analyst handy to lecture us on how Carrie Bradshaw is merely doing what men have done for centuries!)

0 thoughts on “SATCTM* practice: Know your Bradshaws

  1. I have to admit, I’ve yet to read a review of the movie that isn’t completely condemnatory. That said, I’ve yet to read a review of the movie that actually addresses the plot or the characters.

    These reviewers seem to think that the fearsome 4 are no longer characters we can relate too, but were they ever? I thought the fantasy aspect was the whole point of the show. If I wanted reality TV, there’s plenty to chose from…


  2. The -Times_ has a pretty, ok, very, trashing review today; but also an interesting piece in the “Metro” section on how the underlying premise plays in the Outerboroughs (aka “the Rest of the City…”). And since Philadelphia was officially designated a couple of summers back as New York’s “Sixth Borough,” I guess that’s relevant here.

    I seem to remember that Terry B. was trashed for years as a dumb and immobile quarterback before they began winning titles in Smoketown, so the basic trajectory/story arc there was down and then up and then over…


  3. Where are you, Historiann? We eagerly await YOUR review of SATCTM, not to mention your take on what the Rules & Bylaws Committee did over the weekend. . . .


  4. Hi, Roxie! I was away for the weekend, but am back to work. I will post some thoughts on the RBC fiasco, as well as a review of SATCTM later today. I appreciate the shout-out to me on Saturday, and your presence at the demonstration. (Wish I could have been there–I was in a place I will call Rolorado Rings, although not to protest anything like Roucus Ron Ruh Ramily, just for a little summer fun.)


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