Generation and gender in “hating” Hillary Clinton

Go read and consider Michelle Goldberg’s analysis of “The Hillary Haters” at Slate.  The nut: Few people dislike Hillary Clinton for being too moralistic anymore. In trying to understand the seemingly eternal phenomenon of Hillary hatred, I’ve spoken to people all around America who revile her. I’ve interviewed Trump supporters, conventional conservatives, Bernie Sanders fans, […]

Auld lang syne: my friends

UPDATED with memorial service information below. You may have been wondering where the sardonic, spicy cowgirl Historiann has been this long holiday season. For that matter, I have too. My one and only New Year’s resolution–now that my book is well and truly in production–was to get back on the horse and find my blogging […]

Mothers’ compulsory little helpers

I have a new intellectual crush on LA Times TV critic Mary McNamara. She’s a feminist who’s not afraid to bring the sass and the cheek like a blogger.  Check out the analysis she published today, inspired by her irritation at two television shows, Homeland and Jane the Virgin, headlined “The Tyranny of Maternity on TV.”   Although two […]

Occasions for thanksgiving, 2013

An incomplete list: Tenured Radical Fratguy (who has outgrown this blog name and now wants to be called BT Scrivener on-blog) Seminar, my commuter horse Mouse (1999-2013), for both his life and his death, as it was time. The Women’s Review of Books and Journal of Women’s History Orange is the New Black and Girls […]