Hillary I?

Now that Hillary Clinton has become the *official presumptive nominee* for president of the Democratic party and first woman standard bearer for a major U.S. party, it’s worth revisiting a post I wrote a few months ago about women’s paths to political power in historical perspective.  I also have some questions about the widespread tendency to […]

Just a quick observation–

CORRECTED BELOW, 10:08 A.M. MDT All this talk from the Bernie Sanders campaign–which it has successfully injected into the political media–about the “calendar” being “favorable” to them? I checked the poll average for Arizona this morning, and it has Hillary Clinton up THIRTY POINTS. That’s a winner-take-all primary, friends,* versus the caucuses in Utah and […]

Why doesn’t Clinton just drop out already?

Remember all of those calls eight years ago for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the Democratic nomination fight in the midst of the March primaries?  Remember all of those Brobama dudez screaming “the math!  The math!  Just look at The Math!”  And why was the b*tch insisting on peeing in the punchbowl when all […]