Assistant Professor and Curator of the Avenir Museum, Colorado State University

Doreen M. Beard, Director of Operations and Engagement and Megan Osborne, Coordinator of the Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising unpack and prepare to move-in to the new addition of the Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising, June 18, 2015.

Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising, Colorado State University

Curate your own museum and build an academic career in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains! This is a very cool opportunity for people with Ph.D.s in historic costume and textiles, anthropology, history, material culture, and/or museum studies.  For the full job description and instructions for applying, click here.   Here’s a little taste of what we’re looking for and who is eligible to apply:

Applications and nominations are invited for the Assistant Professor* tenure-track position of Curator of the Avenir Museum in the Department of Design and Merchandising at Colorado State University. This is a nine-month position with three months half-time summer salary. Salary and rank commensurate with experience and qualifications.

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Brexit for dinner tonight in the U.S.


EU-flagHere in the U.S. the slowness and lateness of the results of the British exit vote on the European Union, or “Brexit,” is crazy-making. It’s 8 p.m. Mountain time in the U.S.–doesn’t that make it 2024 already in Greenwich Mean Time?  How do you people in Britain take this molasses-like pace of election returns?  (If that were on the ballot, I’d definitely recommend a revolution.  Or at least several strong mugs of flip while you wait.)

I didn’t have strong opinions about the Brexit, although leaving the E.U. seemed like an astonishingly stupid idea from a U.S. perspective:  “Go ahead:  pull out of the E.U.!  There’s always Ireland when we need to move our European bases of operation to another English-speaking country .”  Also:  “Get used to standing in the slow line when you’re traveling in Europe, with the rest of us who don’t have E.U. passports.”

But then all of the pro-exit voters and leaders I’ve heard and seen interviewed in the U.S. media sounded like Donald Trump, plus the fact that both David Cameron and John Oliver have been urging a NO vote on this Brexit business.  I heard an interview on NPR yesterday in which a British retiree in Spain said he hoped that the U.K. would vote NO on the Brexit today, but admitted that if he were back home, he’d probably vote to leave the E.U.  Why? Continue reading

Why it’s a good idea to take your teaching off the grid

Phil Hill reports on the Scriba Disaster: Sakai-based LMS for UC Davis is down with no plans for recovery:

In what might shape up as one of the worst LMS outages in recent history, UC Davis has been working without an LMS for the past week and does not expect their vendor to fix the problems before the end of the term. UC Davis uses a version of Sakai hosted by the LMS remnants of rSmart. In 2013 rSmart sold it’s Sakai-supporting LMS business to Asahi Net International, and in 2015 a private equity firm – Vert Capital – bought ANI and renamed it Scriba. Scriba brands the Sakai LMS for UC Davis as SmartSite.

UC Davis is on the quarter system, with the last week of class next week (May 31) and finals the week of June 6. A few months ago UC Davis announced their intention to migrate to Canvas as their LMS. SmartSite subsequently went down on May 19th, and all signs are pointed to a complete and final outage. Scriba will not answer the phones (you get a message that the mailbox is full), and UC Davis staff are making a heroic attempt to in-house recreate LMS tools and even to recover grades that had been entered on SmartSite.

At this point, they’re working on a temporary fix that will permit only instructors (not students) to access their LMS information for the end of the semester. Continue reading

Why $0.78 on the dollar is probably still a high estimate of women’s compensation

annetaintoryouropinionWe’re definitely underpaid, ladies, considering the extra layer of bull$h!t we have to deal with in the course of just doing our jobs.  Read on for a fascinating illustration of the costs of doing business when you have a female name and internet profile.

Some of us have been having fun on the interwebs recently mocking Donald Trump’s comment Tuesday night that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, “The only card she has is the woman’s card; she’s got nothing else going.  And frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don’t think she’d get 5% of the vote. … The beautiful thing is, women don’t like her, OK, and look how well I did with women tonight!”  Check out the hashtag #womancard on Twitter–who says feminists have no sense of humor?  A lot of the #womancard Tweets, my own included, are about money and women’s access to it.

So it was kind of perfect that I first stumbled upon this series of tweets yesterday, which were then turned into a blog post by Kelly J. Baker, professional writer and recovering academic historian, on “The Men Who Email Me.”  In the spirit of Rebecca Solnit’s essay “Men Explain Things to Me,” Baker writes about the consequences of being an unaffiliated writer on the internets.

Long story short, she fields emails from men who think she desperately needs to hear their point of view, or to help them get their essays published.  Because of course, they’re all unrecognized geniuses, and who the heck does she think she is, anyway?  And this represents a drag on her time and energy that represent a hidden cost of being an intellectual woman in public.  Baker writes, Continue reading

#UCDavisPepperSpray Truthbomb! University of California, Davis and pepper spray: the unscrubbed truth.

ucdavispeppersprayDo you remember in 2011 when a campus police officer at UC Davis pepper-sprayed students on the campus? Boy, I remember that day in November of 2011 when UC Davis administrators, including Chancellor Linda Katehi, permitted the pepper-spraying of their own students directly in the face. I remember that day well, November 18, 2011, when Chancellor of UC Davis Linda Katehi permitted students on her campus to be sprayed directly in the face with pepper spray by a campus police officer. Don’t you remember that day, November 18, 2011, when the University of California, Davis, pepper-sprayed its own students? What an unforgettable day, when UC Davis students were pepper-sprayed right in the face.

Don’t let pepper-spraying Chancellor Linda Katehi scrub the internet of references to UC Davis’s outrageous assault on their own students with pepper-spray! Please link and Tweet this link and include this hashtag: #UCDavisPepperSpray.