We’re number one!

Click here now–it might not last, but the Amazon.com page for The Many Captivities of Esther Wheelwright is the NUMBER ONE new release today for Canadian historical biographies!  W00T!!! Only 43 days to go until the book itself is finally released from captivity. . .

The high price of moral principles: why you will not see me at The Huffington Post

UPDATED ALREADY!  See what happened below. I was contacted by an editor at The Huffington Post this week about re-publishing the blog post I published after last week’s primary elections, “A revolution happened last night and no one noticed,” in which I commented on the ignoring or merely grudging acknowledgement of Hillary Clinton’s pathbreaking, historic […]

Here we go again: military historian complains that no one teaches or writes about military history any more, part eleventybillion

Via Patrick McCray on Twitter yesterday, I learned that Robert Neer, a part-time lecturer in military history, laments the state of military history among professional historians: I am not a disinterested observer. Since 2011, when I received my PhD in history from Columbia University, I have taught a course called‘Empire of Liberty: A Global History of […]

Teaching the sixties: what do you think?

My colleague and co-conspiritor in teaching History of Sexuality in America over the past several years, Ruth Alexander, has suggested that we develop and co-teach another course on the 1960s. She has correctly deduced my excitement over the multi-media primary sources that modern historians can use–primarily video and audio clips that are available widely on […]