The last Sarah Palin post ever (we hope)

Did you hear the one about how McCain campaign advisers said that Sarah Palin is so dumb that she thinks Africa is a country?  Didja?  Smell the truthiness (via Rye and Patriotism)! Which just proves, once again, that one can serve up absolutely any $hit sandwich about Sarah Palin and our misogynistic political culture will swallow it and say, … Continue reading The last Sarah Palin post ever (we hope)

"Sarah Palin and Me"

Rose Stremlau, an assistant professor of history and American Indian studies at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, has a thoughtful piece at the Chronicle of Higher Education (sorry, subscription only) of that title, in which she discusses the disturbing fixation of both Palin’s ideological friends and foes on her body and sexuality.  Talking about Palin’s appearance is a … Continue reading "Sarah Palin and Me"

Sarah Palin round-up: git along, little mommies

Melissa from Shakesville saw the ABC interview, and hated it.  Her one word verdict?  Terrifying.  (Shakesville has posted more of the video here.)  She writes, “[t]his is not a person who’s remotely prepared to lead this country.”  Me, I’m not so sure Palin was worse than other first-term governors like Tim Kaine (D-VA) or Bobby Jindal … Continue reading Sarah Palin round-up: git along, little mommies

Sarah Palin

Well, when we all went to bed on Thursday night, we didn’t dream that we’d be thinking and talking about the Governor of Alaska all day Friday now, did we?  Maybe the McCain campaign has more chops than Democrats would like to believe. Palin’s biography and career seem to be tailor-made for the McCain campaign.  Western state … Continue reading Sarah Palin

Professor Palin's history of feminism

Don’t miss Michelle Goldberg’s analysis of the feminist history in Sarah Palin’s new book, America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag.  Apparently, it gets worse after the diabetes-inducing title.  I agree with Goldberg that “[i]n some ways, it’s a good thing that Sarah Palin calls herself a feminist. It means that, even among conservatives, … Continue reading Professor Palin's history of feminism

Kennedy and aristocracy, Palin and motherhood, and the "trashing" of Hillary Clinton

Speaking of American aristocracy and connections, go read Tina Brown on Caroline Kennedy.  “Why now?” seems to be the question everyone is asking, and Kennedy has been utterly ineffectual in answering that question with her Upper East Side-inflected, dispassionate Locust Valley Lockjaw.  It’s all about class, baby: I  have my own theory of why Caroline wants … Continue reading Kennedy and aristocracy, Palin and motherhood, and the "trashing" of Hillary Clinton

Palin, polls, and election follow-up

NPR Sunday morning aired a brief interview with Kaylene Johnson, the author of a biography about Sarah Palin.  She was originally a skeptic who became an admirer.  Johnson’s number one piece of advice in dealing with Palin:  don’t underestimate her.  Zuzu at Shakesville smells a Rovian trap being set and baited with Palin.  That’s pretty muich what I … Continue reading Palin, polls, and election follow-up

Wailin' about Palin!

Sarah Palin is lighting up the feminist history blogosphere!  Our friends Knitting Clio and Tenured Radical also posted their thoughts this morning.  New Kid offers some thoughts about Palin and the discourse about aborting trisomy fetuses (Palin’s youngest child has Down’s Syndrome.)  Many of the different feminist law professors at Feminist Law Professors offer their … Continue reading Wailin' about Palin!

“An Election All About Sex & Gender.” Who ever would have predicted this?

What a surprise! Who among us ever would have forseen this?  I’m not mocking Rebecca Traister; I truly appreciate her analysis this year and am glad she’s finally getting the teevee time she and her–well, our–ideas deserve.  Men’s marital infidelity and sexual adventurism, even sexual abuse, is fundamentally knitted into the spoils successful male pols … Continue reading “An Election All About Sex & Gender.” Who ever would have predicted this?