Codex rules, Kindle drools. (And I told you so.)

(And drooling on an e-book when you fall asleep reading can be a messy, expensive, and potentially life-threatening proposition!) I know many of you didn’t believe me, but here’s the testimony of a Kindle-ized author and former true believer: [W]hen the Kindle edition of my book came out, the publisher set the price at $27.95. […]

Education round-up: the suck it up edition

Friendly greeting!  Comments on the local weather, and humorous story about my weekend plans.  Here we go: Denver second grade teacher Austen Kassinger says that struggle is inherent to learning, and that parents need to push their children to achieve by owning that struggle.  After spending an entire evening working through five long-division problems in […]

Are you in a Jane Austen novel?

  Hilarious post by Mallory Ortberg at The Toast, via a link provided in this thread by Dr. Crazy. Well, are you? Here’s how you will know: Someone disagreeable is trying to persuade you to take a trip to Bath. Your father is absolutely terrible with money. No one has ever told him this. All […]

I think I’m a little bit in love

with Meredith Broussard, a data journalism professor at Temple University in Philadelphia.  Get this:  she bans the use of e-books in her classes although she teaches courses in digital journalism (h/t to commenter Susan.)  As Broussard explains on her syllabus: You must bring a print copy of the texts to class. While I understand that […]

Who’s killing the footnote?

Alexandra Horowitz blames e-books, but footnote-killing is a longstanding trend among non-virtual academic book publishers for at least twenty years.  Most university presses and tradey U-press lines use endnotes, period.  (And who other than university presses make such generous use of notes, anyway?  Nonfiction trade books usually offer the clumsy and much more paper-consumptive apparatus of citing sources by quoting the beginning […]

Electronic textbooks: mole dishes insider intel

I had lunch on Monday with a mole deep inside the world of for-profit academic publishing.  We discussed his industry’s current fascination with e-textbooks:  everyone is developing them and spending gobs of money on them, but no one has figured out how to profit from them.  (Like everything else on the internets, except for Pr()n and gambling!)  […]

Burn this after reading

Are you ready for another cranky, technophobic rant? Good.  Kindle.  What exactly are the advantages to a “delicate piece of electronics” that can be lost, dropped or fried in the tub[?] You’d have to buy an awful lot of $10 best sellers to recoup the purchase price. If Amazon goes under or abandons the Kindle, […]