Payback time.

Esther Boardman by Ralph Earl, 1789, Metropolitan Museum of Art, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

My promotion to Professor isn’t official yet, but I’ve already received an invitation to review someone else’s materials for promotion to Professor.

Given all of the extremely nice things I’ve heard that my outside reviewers said about my latest book and career overall, I suppose it’s time to pay it forward.  I thought I’d get at least a year’s grace! I thought I’d have to have changed my faculty profile page, but maybe good news travels nearly as fast as bad news.

(I’m pretty sure that it was one of my referees who sent in my name as a potential reviewer.)

Scipio Moorhead, engraving for the frontispiece of Phillis Wheatley’s Poems on Various Subjects, 1773, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

p.s.  Regular blogging will resume now that the semester is over.  This year seems to have inflicted more than the usual level of brain damage on me–I blame contemporary politics and the relentless spread of the Human Stain across our nation, but things seem to be falling apart on a number of levels these days.  I hope this summer will give us all a necessary break from at least local frustrations.  Peace, friends, and enjoy the loveliest month of the year!

5 thoughts on “Payback time.

  1. Congratulations on your promotion! One of the things I’ve found most delightful about my full status is that never again do I need to worry about what threatened older men think.


    • I am ready for that, for sure! Also, not to care what anyone else thinks period: older or younger, women or men. Thanks!


  2. I’m trying to make this a pay-it-forward time for me as well. But learn from my example: ration carefully. You don’t have to pay back the last 15 years all at once. I tried, and ended up over-committing and dropping the ball more than I would have if I’d just said “no” to 30% of the things I said yes to.

    Still: it’s a good thing you do.


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