So long to 2016, suckers.

My yoga teacher offers super-intense classes on several winter holidays in which we do 108 sun salutations (vinyasas.)  The last 108 class I attended was on Thanksgiving day, when I allegedly announced that “2016 has sucked a bag of d!cks!” One of my yoga buddies–another historian–gave me a little present today in the New Year’s Eve 108 class to help send this year on its way:


Buh-bye 2016. You sucked!

You can guess what the plan is for New Year’s Eve at the ranch.

2016 has actually been a really great year for me personally.  It’s everyone and everything else that has me worried.  I did my 108 vinyasas–to tunes by artists like Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, and the Alexander Hamilton:  An American Musical soundtrack (my suggestion, natch.)  I’m going to go all Marie Kondo on my digital and real lives starting tomorrow.  It’s clear and sunny here, and 3,000+ historians are coming to town next week.  What could be a better start to the year?

Bon courage & bonne année, mes amis.  May you greet 2017 with a hopeful heart and a clear head.  I’ll see you tomorrow with a survival guide for the American Historical Association annual conference a mile above sea level in January.

5 thoughts on “So long to 2016, suckers.

    • HAhaha! One of the women in class today (with whom I shared the candy, of course) said “it tastes much better than a real d!ck.” (Tt’s really not that good, TBH.)

      Happy New Year!


      • And just for a little levity in the grim times:

        My field is 3D scientific visualization, and I was asked to assess our scanners’ accuracy on erections for a possible condom sizing project. That found me in our local female-oriented sex toy shop borrowing dildos. Six in all, ranging in size (thank you Monty Python) from the tiniest tadger to the world’s biggest prick. I carried them around campus muttering “do not drop the bag of dicks”

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  1. Not to diss your usual columns, but posts like this are the reason I check your site every day. Thank your friend for me (us) for a great laugh. I just wish it weren’t so true.

    For me it was a “well, it could have been worse” year. One of my brothers battled bladder cancer. He has finished chemo, and so far, so good, but he’ll use a urine bag for the rest of his life. With six brothers, you’d think the prospect of losing one wouldn’t have hit me so hard, but it did. I’ve already lost one brother, and one of my three sisters, so I railed at God, “No more yet!” So far, He/She has listened.

    Though that euphemism “lost” makes me privately chuckle, as if I looked under the couch cushions, I’d find them. Maybe if I bought a couch?

    No, not drunk yet — don’t need it to be goofy.

    A Happy New Year to all of you! Thank you, Historiann, for being here, and being you.

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