Hillary Clinton for President; Donald Trump for Obergropenführer

Who ever could have predicted that the Human Stain is a misogynist, racist bully?  And the revelations will only continue.  Fasten your seatbelts–it’s going to be a bumpy night!

This is Trumpism.  I hope you like the bed you made, Republicans.  

I’m done with being more concerned about the existence of a sensible loyal opposition party than the Republicans are.  For twenty-five years, Republicans haven’t taken the responsibility of governing seriously.  They’ve given us twenty-five years of clownish leadership, full of moral outrage performed by serial adulterers, child molesters, and rank incompetents.  One-party rule is traditionally either fragile or corrupt, but they’ve given us no choice.  #ThanksRepublicans!

Americans claim to be so outraged by their two-party system and the limited choices it gives our politics.  Well, how do you like no choices?  (And how about the Libertarians and Greens getting serious, and running candidates in every election for every office up and down the ballot, from dog catchers and county commissioners to the state ledge and federal offices?  Get serious, or get lost.)

14 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton for President; Donald Trump for Obergropenführer

  1. I’m afraid that I’d say its closer to 2X 25 years, at least since the early 1970s. I found myself this morning while preparing to talk about the Duke of York, wondering how I’d tell students about what a good president Eisenhower was. In actually getting funding for the Interstate Highway System. From a Congress overwhelmingly in control of the opposite party. Of course all of that across-the-aisle comity for technocratic stuff that could be spread from sea to shining sea like mayo on pumpernickel was predicated on an inter-regional willingness to go soft, very soft, on Civil Rights.

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  2. Trump is a foghorn and a big dirty old man. Tour know he took advantage of young girls running for Miss America were profiled by a baboons ass like Trump makes me fighting mad. I swear if he did that to my child or grandchild he better never like me find out about it. I am one of those 2nd amendment folks he was calling out on candidate Hillary Clinton

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  4. Amen! Can we add a minor point of “get lost” to independents who take party money, but disdain the name until they want to jump to head of the party, which is what the presidential candidate becomes and stays if he/she gets elected. (I love that the she part of he/she has real meaning this year.)

    Some of the charges Trump levels against Clinton were premiered by Sanders, including the “rigged” meme. I fear I have a morbid fascination with YouTube comments, and it’s often hard to tell the diehard Bernie Bots from Trump-ettes — though I also love the term Trumpanzees, except that chimpanzees act much more mature than many Trump partisans, and definitely more than the candidate himself. I wonder what the honorable Jane Goodalll would make of them?

    And I’m getting really tired of “progressives” hedging their support for Clinton with a “corrupt centrist, but better than Trump” disclaimer. Ah, guys (and in this case I mean mostly men), maybe I’m looking for a slightly different revolution than you are. I’m tired of males promising women that they really, really will look out for our interests if they get elected. After they take care of “real” issues A, B, C … ZZZ.

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    • I’m looking for a slightly different revolution than you are.

      Well said, K Nowak, well said.

      I’ts getting freaky watching this election season from abroad. The rise of Trump makes complete sense, as the next obvious step in US politics, but stuns me anyway.


    • Here’s Jane Goodall on Trump:

      Here’s an argument I’m trying out on millenials and Sanders supporters, who are generally supportive of BLM: “Ask every nonwhite person you know who you should vote for. If you genuinely believe in white privilege, think about letting that dictate or at least strongly guide your vote.” (Rather than your own sense of the importance of ideological purity or whatever….) I know as a middle aged white woman with a PhD I have no cred to pitch Hillary to them, but maybe this will work.


      • Thank you for that Goodall link! A great article, and a fascinating website. Now I have to go back to learn why ducks “quack.”


  5. Can it just be over? Though yesterday I spoke with a historian whose wife is a well-known feminist US Senator (being coy to avoid google alerts) who said they are getting guardedly optimistic about the Senate.


  6. Hillary will win and she’ll make an excellent president IF she has at least one house of Congress with her. Otherwise the dickheads of the GOP will do to her exactly what they’ve done to Obama. Never forget that Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and their henchmen chose not to attend Obama’s historic first inauguration party, but met that night in secret to plot obstruction strategy. They didn’t care if something was good for the nation, if Obama proposed it, they were against it. The current crop of Republicans are truly evil people. Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt would be ashamed.


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