One thought on “Neely O’Hara!

  1. I just half-voted. Realized belatedly that my end of summer three block off-campus move to a new place would be a vote-challenger’s dream, so four days from the deadline, I hoofed up onto the Main Street to hand in a change of address form. Had to do the airport-mode thing with two police officers, the emptied pockets and wanded midsection at the front door of the County Courthouse, and then wander around in the sub-basement to find the right bureau. it felt kind of virtuous. Pennsylvania is solidifying against the Visigoth, but this isn’t an election that I’d want to tell the grandkids I “almost voted” in, so I half-voted, and will do so again on November 8. There appears to be a major voter suppression project going on right now, state-wide, in Indiana, Jr. (The State). I guess Pence didn’t win that debate after all.


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