Samantha Bee on Monday’s debate: “Save us from fascism but, like, don’t be a bitch about it.”


On her show Wednesday night, Samantha Bee summed up the expectations of Clinton: “Be perfect but not too perfect. Save us from fascism but, like, don’t be a bitch about it.” In comparison, Bee said, “No one was suggesting superficial changes for Trump — like try wearing a suit that actually fits or embrace your baldness proudly or don’t snort your way through the debate like Jean-Pierre’s prized truffle pig.”

.       .       .       .       .

“Look, Hillary Clinton is never going to smile naturally enough for you,” Bee said. “She’s never going to be a thrilling speaker. Her oratory is always going to remind you a little of your least favorite history teacher’s lecture about the cotton gin. She’s never going to make you love her. In fact, she’d probably be offended if you tried; she has grandchildren for that.”

Bee added, “But we don’t need her to be warm and vulnerable. It turns out what America really needs Hillary Clinton to be, she is — namely, one of the only people in the whole god damn country who’s not afraid of a bully.”

Let’s go to the tape:



7 thoughts on “Samantha Bee on Monday’s debate: “Save us from fascism but, like, don’t be a bitch about it.”

  1. Nice. This makes me happy.
    They did that whole “he needs to be relatable” thing with Obama too. “Oh, he’s too wonky. Oh, he’s too much of an intellectual. Oh, people need to feel like they could go have a beer with him.” Ack.


  2. I haven’t had the honor of meeting Hillary Clinton, but a friend, one of the lawyers at my firm, had the chance to hear her speak. (Probably one of those “unacceptable” gigs she gets raked over for by the right and left..) Jill said that she was warm, gracious, funny, and wickedly smart, in her talk and in the few minutes she personally spoke with her afterward.

    Frankly, when I hear Clinton speak, she sounds perfectly fine. As she does to those others I’ve talked about it with. Look at the company she’s seeking to join – Johnson with his sometimes crude earthiness, Nixon, Carter and his preaching tone, Reagan and his fake cheeriness, Bush I, Bush II’s dopiness — and they are complaining about Hillary Clinton’s tone?

    BTW, I love Samantha Bee. One of those Canadian imports that are supposedly so evil under NAFTA. But that’s another ball of idiocy.


  3. Political maturity begins when you don’t feel a need to have a crush on your preferred candidate, like you maybe did back in the High School homecoming elections.

    NYT reports today that Clinton doesn’t need Ohio anymore, and may not get it. Ohio needs Clinton, though. This is sad. City was gone. State was gone. What’s going on with this?

    Paul Krugman today says what there is to say about why the race has recently become “competitive,” if in fact it has.

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  4. I love Samantha Bee. And this commentary in particular. Smile. Don’t be bitchy. Even if you feel bitchy and the person you’re talking to *deserves* to be thrown to the maw of a righteous bitch.

    And I loved that debate. Smile aside, you could tell she was enjoying herself, and that carried well into the next day. Our Hil deserves some high spirits.

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