The Dream Pelisse!


The Dream Pelisses!  They live inside of my head.

The Dream Pelisses!  They come to me in my bed. . . 

The Dream Pelisses!  (Pelisses!  Pelisses!)

From Rudolph Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashion, and Politics, Vol. 8 (November 1812), after p. 300:


An evening or dinner robe, of white muslin; with short fancy sleeve, appliqued with lace, and trimmed with a fall of the same article around the bosom.  A loose robe pelisse, of celestial blue satin or velvet, trimmed down each side and round the neck with a full swansdown fur, and negligently confined in the center of the bosom.  An imperial helmet cap, composed of blue velvet, ornamented with a silver bandeau and beads; a full white ostrich feather waving towards one side.

Who wouldn’t love one of these for fall?  (I’d never take it off.)

6 thoughts on “The Dream Pelisse!

    • That’s about what I was thinking. Especially when doing inquiry-based learning in bring-your-own-device classrooms, I need necklines that will accommodate a good deal of leaning over to try to see what is on students’ screens without accidentally flashing anyone.

      I’d also have even more trouble than I already do scrambling on and off the instructor’s stools, which are adjustable, but only for a range of heights that apparently begins 2-3″ above mine, if I wore a pelisse (and I’m short, but not all that short for a woman. The person who designs the classrooms, on the other hand, is female, but quite tall.)


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