Historians on Trump: In which I talk all about menstrual blood, breast milk, and pee for an international audience.

Bet you're surprised to see these two mugs here!

Bet you’re surprised to see these two mugs here!

It’s true–check me out at Historians on Trump.

No hatemail yet, and only a few nasty comments on the Facebook page, but it’s not even noon out here in the Mountain Time Zone!  I’ll be sure to publish the really good ones here in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “Historians on Trump: In which I talk all about menstrual blood, breast milk, and pee for an international audience.

  1. Brava for laying out Trump’s infantile terror of women’s bodies! I would have “liked” your statement on Facebook but I’m not on Fb, so you get my vote here. Trump’s obsessions really are bizarre and creepy. I’m not a big fan of Freud, but a little Freudian analysis seems to be called for here.

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    • I thought the longue duree was an important angle on all of that open anxiety about women’s bodies. The very longue duree–like, back to the K-T boundary.


  2. Good one, and not stuff that McCullough would likely have gotten to, even in a book about the American Revolution. Trump probably wears an astronaut bag for when debates go into overtime, and probably considers that gross enough on his own account, but what he just has to do.

    Cutting across Bryant Park yesterday past the stone outdoor structure enclosing the toilet facilities and it was the standard picture; women lined up halfway back to Fifth Avenue, and men popping in and out of the other door every thirty seconds or so with no line, like it was the “powder room” back at the co-op on 57th Street. Lots of making-America-great eventually opportunities in that one small tableau alone.

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  3. Still no hate mail yet?!? “Where’s the outrage?,” as Bob Dole memorably yelped two decades ago, as another deft opponent who happened to be named “Clinton” danced off the ropes and stayed out of the range of the big lug’s ponderous, flailing paws? Sounds like the ay-ay-ayes have it.


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