#UCDavisPepperSpray Truthbomb! University of California, Davis and pepper spray: the unscrubbed truth.

ucdavispeppersprayDo you remember in 2011 when a campus police officer at UC Davis pepper-sprayed students on the campus? Boy, I remember that day in November of 2011 when UC Davis administrators, including Chancellor Linda Katehi, permitted the pepper-spraying of their own students directly in the face. I remember that day well, November 18, 2011, when Chancellor of UC Davis Linda Katehi permitted students on her campus to be sprayed directly in the face with pepper spray by a campus police officer. Don’t you remember that day, November 18, 2011, when the University of California, Davis, pepper-sprayed its own students? What an unforgettable day, when UC Davis students were pepper-sprayed right in the face.

Don’t let pepper-spraying Chancellor Linda Katehi scrub the internet of references to UC Davis’s outrageous assault on their own students with pepper-spray! Please link and Tweet this link and include this hashtag: #UCDavisPepperSpray.

3 thoughts on “#UCDavisPepperSpray Truthbomb! University of California, Davis and pepper spray: the unscrubbed truth.

  1. Hah! I think Katehi (with some unwanted help from the Sacramento Bee — let’s hear it for investigative journalism, and reporters who can read, and if necessary FOIA, a budget) may have inadvertently undermined her own efforts, but a signal boost can’t hurt.

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  2. The problem is that UC Davis never had a reputation problem, it was Chancellor Katehi who had the reputation problem because of her poor management skills. Using $100,000 to scrub the mention of the Pepper Spray Attack from the internet was an exercise in managing Katehi’s brand. It did nothing for UC Davis. The Regents should make Katehi pay the money back, but they won’t: It wouldn’t be the ‘thing to do.’. This is another example of our unaccountable elites failing upwards even after abusing our most cherished institutions to further their own careers and brand. Dismal.

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