Just a quick observation–


All this talk from the Bernie Sanders campaign–which it has successfully injected into the political media–about the “calendar” being “favorable” to them? I checked the poll average for Arizona this morning, and it has Hillary Clinton up THIRTY POINTS.

That’s a winner-take-all primary, friends,* versus the caucuses in Utah and Idaho, which will distribute the delegates proportionally. I’m sure Sanders will win in these states, but once again, it’s astonishing that so much of the political media is chasing its tail with the dwindling Sanders campaign and its string of losses rather than noting Clinton’s huge popularity in a populous swing state with a significant Latino population.

Or not.  Discuss!

*Sorry!  Arizona is not in fact a winner-take-all primary for the Dems, only for the Republicans.  Many thanks to Victoria (see comments below) for correcting me!

5 thoughts on “Just a quick observation–

    • Thanks–did not know that & will correct above!

      Yes, Clinton winning primaries by +25-30% = ho-hum. You’d think that would be newsworthy, considering how universally loathed she is and how no one trusts her (/snark).


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