Shhhhhhh: The secret to great student evaluations!

Just be completely unscrupulous!  (What else should we expect from the bull$hit artist-auteur of Trump University?)

The article is mostly just sad, but this part is hilarious:

Virtually all [Tad Lignell’s] students, he said, gave him the top rating of 5. Had they not, his income ($5,500 per student, and later $4,500) could have been in jeopardy.

He said that Trump University managers made clear that teachers with low ratings would be passed over in favor of those with high scores. “That puts an emphasis on getting 5,” he said. “If you wanted more students, you knew you needed those.”

(Mr. Lignell said that Trump University had failed to pay him for several students; the company’s lawyer did not comment on the claim. “If Trump wins the presidency,” Mr. Lignell said, “I’ve got a president who owes me $50,000.”)

Oh, what a surprise!  An organization that demands their instructors commit fraud by standing over students as they’re filling out their course evaluations doesn’t pay their bills?  I’m shocked, shocked, I say!

4 thoughts on “Shhhhhhh: The secret to great student evaluations!

  1. Story is especially pertinent to my interests since my state just passed a campus concealed-carry act. We were just talking about grade inflation etc. as a response…


  2. I hadn’t thought about calling in a team of paid evaluation consultants to hover over the little lambs and “suggest” a slightly higher metric on things like “makes points succinctly and clearly,” or “allows a sufficient number of days to accept a late paper.” But I’m not looking at $5,500 per student, either, or even $4,500. That would have been on the ultra high end of pay for a whole course back on the adjunct trail. I wonder who evaluates the yield ratios for the paid evaluation consultants?


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